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Update but not really.

Alikiya and I have recently been more active on our partnered blog, yu-ai.

There are pics and stuff on my birthday, high-school grad, and such! 🙂

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Please show your love for me by reading, subscribing, commenting, and spreading my new blog: yu-ai

I will be sharing it with a fellow WordPress friend, Alikiya!

As we are sharing it, I will go by the name “eggtart” while she goes by the name “fishandchips”.

Though I may occasionally show up here on WordPress, I feel like I’ll be more active on the new blog on Blogger/Blogspot.

yu-ai is still fairly new which would explain the plain design and all. However, I hope to fix that in the near future.

Our prom experience from Thursday is put up + photos!

I’m hoping to use yu-ai as a blog where I can upload more photos and stuff, something I haven’t been doing much with rainbowclovers.

To see me even more active, follow me here:

Tumblr : dannycah
Twitter: dannycahLY

For blogs I follow that are on WordPress, I will continue to read your stuff! No worries 🙂

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Friday the 13th! :)

I don’t know why, but this day is normally a good day for me.

(Minus what happened).

Doing well in all my courses in school (finally!).

Not much homework over the weekend (thank God!).


Not much to really say, so videos:

So 4minute’s back! Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of 4minute. However, people made a really big deal about this comeback and I figured I should give it a try. At first, when I saw the MV, I was kind of disappointed. Not that I’m homophobic or anything, but the girls who were rubbing up on the 4minute members were kind of awkward and it just made the MV… weird. I didn’t understand the concept with the snakes, the black dogs, the girls rubbing up on HyunA… but whatever. Like most kpop songs, it got addicting. I think HyunA looks really nice in this MV/concept! She pulls off everything, I swear!

Apparently, the MV has some “deep” meaning; something about the music industry and sex symbols? I don’t even know for sure. What I do know is: I feel that the K-pop world, too often, tries to stick in “deep” concepts into their MVs in an attempt to look like it’s serious business. For example, when I heard that Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” was to represent all the hardships that each member faced… well, I didn’t appreciate it. While the song wasn’t bad, and the concept was crazy/fun, I didn’t see the reason behind putting in a deep meaning into the music video. Why attempt to make a dance-party song into something with so much meaning behind it? It’s just eh.

Alright, I gave in! I heard about 1D a long time ago, but I only have them a chance now. I was watching the newest episode of iCarly and I thought they were pretty cool! Zayn and Harry are my favourites! Anyways, this song is pretty popular these days, and it’s been stuck in my head for the longest time now!

I actually have more to talk about, but I’m lazy, haha.

Until next time ~

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I have no words to express how angry you make me.


That’s right, I said it. I said it. I don’t care how insolent I sound: When my dad pisses me off, I want to punch him.

I know I should respect my elders/parents, but there are really limits to how far they can push it. Even when my mom frustrates me, I would most likely never want to inflict actual harm upon her. But please understand where I’m coming from… I’m not the only person who absolutely HATES the way my dad’s attitude is. My mom hates it sometimes, his own parents hate it, his brothers probably can’t stand it, and this is honestly why he has a limited amount of friends.

Before I rant about what actually happened, let me list of some pet peeves I have of my father:

1. I hate the way he is when he is lecturing/yelling at my mom and I. It’s definitely his tone of voice and how absolutely disgusting his face turns, but this isn’t what I’m talking about. I hate the way he would insult you. You ignore it, he stops. So you think, “Oh, thank God, he’s finally done!” No, that was his 30 second break. So after 30 seconds of silence, he continues yelling at you with more degrading insults. Stops. Then continues.

2. I hate his horrible face when he’s angry and lecturing you. He literally goes from a smiling face to that of a demon. It’s rude and just makes you want to hit him more.

3. I hate how he doesn’t apologize or at least admit that he was in the wrong when he figures out he’s wrong. He’d be yelling at me… I’d prove him wrong… he gives me a dirty look and moves on. So how is it that I have to be shamed every time I’m wrong and you feel the need to constantly rub it in my face?

4. I hate his degrading insults that he spits out when he’s angry. It’s one to thing to swear and cuss. It’s another thing to question my mentality, my attitudes, my life, my intellect, and everything that can possibly be “wrong” with me.

There’s probably so much more that’s slipping my mind right now, but I’ll keep it short.

What had happened a couple days ago: So basically, I was a bit frustrated with my friend and such. I was ranting to my mom and eventually she talked me through it and I was fine again. Then my dad brought up the issue again (because he loves to hate on my friends). When he brought it up at the dinner table, my mom immediately said, “Oh, it was nothing. She’s good. I told her to just ignore the unnecessary drama.” I nodded along, and continued eating. Then my dad kept asking random questions (trying to get me angry at my friends again)  and asking me why I didn’t cuss them off. To this, I responded with, “I don’t wanna talk about this anymore! No more, no more, no moreeeeeeee ~” I didn’t at all say this in a way that sounded like I was a teenager with an attitude problem. After I said that, he goes, “Why the fuck did you bring it up then? Why didn’t you fucking cuss them off at school? What’s the point of coming home and ranting about it if you’re not going to do shit about it? Fucking stupid.”

LIKE ARE YOU FOR REAL? Number one, I didn’t bring it up. You did. Number two, I don’t like confrontation. After all these years, you haven’t noticed this? Third, I ranted to mom, not you. I can rant because it relieves my stress in a way that doesn’t cause problems between my friends and I. You’re fucking stupid.

Then, as I left the table (I didn’t want to hear it anymore), he continues to insult me as I walked up the stairs. How old are you? Honestly, give it up.

What happened just now: I knew I was about to get into trouble for something. Instead of avoiding it, I confronted my dad and told him the problem. I figured that since I was being more mature about it, he would too. No. I was wrong. I got lectured for being stupid, ignorant, and everything you can think of.

Honestly, I was having a great day and you ruined it for me.

Control yourself.

I’ll be more capable of being happy when you’re able to stop being a prick.

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Anxious? Nervous?

I don’t know the word… but whether it’s anxiety or simply being nervous… I HATE IT.

Do you know that feeling? For example, you have a dog who’s extremely ill and you know one day, you’ll have to put it down. You know that feeling of waiting for that “one day”? It’s even worse when it’s the night before the big event and the whole thing is just killing you inside.

That example was a bit extreme. My situation isn’t nearly as bad as that, but…

So tomorrow, first period… My teacher assigned me some work to do and I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. I feel like I should be reading the section and then presenting it to the class. If that’s the case, I’m nervous because I suck at presentations and I get 10x more nervous when my classmates appear as very judgmental people (that, or I’m just insecure).

Then at lunch tomorrow, I have to help the prom committee sell t-shirts. At first, I had joined prom committee because my friend was in it and I needed to join clubs to make my University applications look good. Now, my friend is no longer an active member of the club, and applications and acceptances from university is all done. I feel obligated to stay because I made that commitment to the club/committee, but I really don’t like Prom Committee anymore. The teachers are very… unwelcoming, the members are not the people I’m closest with… so I constantly feel like a bother and I just don’t want to be in an environment where I constantly feel uncomfortable.

Then after lunch, I have a presentation in my International Business class. My teacher’s been getting a lot more strict in terms of presentations and our presentation skills. In fact, she is now making the class take part in grading the presenters (making sure we cover all the topics quickly and effectively). With my classmates on my ass, I feel very uncertain about my skills. I feel that since I don’t talk much with the class, they probably don’t like me and therefore will give me a low grade.

I don’t know…

I guess I’m just a very nervous and paranoid and insecure person.

I hate knowing that things can go wrong.

I hate it even more when I know things can go wrong and they’re coming very soon.

I constantly find myself in these situations too. Did a test and felt like I did bad. Now I’m constantly panicking about getting it back.

Had an argument with a friend. Scared they won’t talk to me tomorrow.

Has a presentation tomorrow. Piss pants now.

I need to man up, and I constantly tell myself that I will… but I can’t.

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A week after the end of March Break, baby! [Part 2]

Clearly this is long overdue.

Uh, not much has happened.

March Break was a horror story. I wanted to finish my International Business project, get cracking on all my other assignments, and have time to chill with my friends. What really happened was that I ended up getting a goddamn cold. I coughed for the entire week and each cough basically pierced my chest and I was sick in bed. Then I found out that an incident a couple months back  had caused a joint in my hand to break and the liquids inside to seep  out, and thus causing a large bump in my hand to form between my index finger’s knuckle and my middle finger’s knuckle. Yipee.

Not only that, the International Business project, in which I was partnered up with my friend, was not as easy as it had seemed. It took us so long to find just decent information on NAFTA and all the details that our teacher wanted us to cover. I ended up not getting to much other work.

But now that March Break is over, we’re officially back to school.

The first week back was great for me (ish). Some shit happened here and there causing me to want to rip out a lot of people’s throats, but I’M HAPPY. I SHALL. BE. HAPPY. 🙂

I basically got accepted into all the universities that I applied for and now I’m extremely excited for the next steps. Unfortunately, with the next steps… I also have to choose between which university I actually want to go to. At first, I was really set on University A, but after much more research, it appears that the program I applied for may not be the best one. The school is much more engineering/medicine based whereas my program is more social sciences/business based. However, the school’s still great and I do want to live away from home and on campus (really experience the university life, ya’know?). My other option includes one that is downtown (which is probably an hour’s commute from home). The school’s great and so is the program, BUT… I heard the university courses and teachers are extremely difficult. While I don’t mind a challenge here and there, I’d prefer not to get booted out in my first year… Another option is once again a great school and a great program, but I’d be extremely far away from home and I don’t know anyone who’s going there. Starting a new life… good and bad. My last option is an university that’s basically a five minute drive from home. The campus is pretty nice, and the program is too. However, it’s notoriously known for having a lot of incidents such as rape and murder on residence and whatnot (not that I would be living on residence if I’m so close to home). As well, the quality of education is always in question because of how weak it is and how easy it is as well. I don’t know. I definitely wouldn’t mind it (considering I can go home everyday) and everything… but if I had to choose, I think I’d choose University A/B.

Whatever. I’m not moping. And while it’s a hard decision, I’m definitely not complaining about it either. I’m glad that I even have the choices I have now ~

All will hopefully play out in the near future.

On another note…

I dyed my hair.

It’s not exactly the biggest news of the century, but ever since Middle School, my friends have been pressuring me to dye my hair. Now, four years into high school, I finally did it. I had gotten a hair-cut over March Break and it turned out to look hideous. In a desperate attempt to cover up the nasty cut, I dyed it purple. Unfortunately, since my hair was REALLY black before, the purple is hard to see and so my hair just looks brown-red-purple. LOL!

I officially finished with the drama I talked about last time (The Hippocratic Crush). The ending was pretty simple and sweet and apparently they’re planning on filming a season 2! Super excited for that. There’s a new drama now called “Daddy Good Deeds”. It has a really good cast and the story’s really good so far as well. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series.

Not much else, so… videos! I haven’t done a random spam of videos in a while! (Right? I haven’t, right? I don’t remember…)

It’s pretty long, but the video’s cute. It’s from a while back, but everyone was really funny in this 🙂

SHINee’s back! Long-awaited comeback! I miss them and their new songs (the ones performed) were really catchy. They have a couple other songs too, but eh…

Recently, my friend has gotten me into Ellen’s videos such as the Hidden Camera ones above! This one is pretty old and the newer ones are equally as funny. But David Beckham is gorgeous, and he’s so great at doing the prank.

A while back, I was really into “The Big Bang Theory”. I ended watching a whole season in one day. Since I’ve gotten really busy, I’ve stopped watching. But the above clip is really funny!

I’m not sure if I ever posted this. The video’s pretty old but I just saw it in my playlist and had to (re)post it! Too funny!

Recently, I’ve been watching MBLAQ’s Sesame Player. Episode 3 was one of the best!

A couple days ago, Toronto held a K-pop concert! Unfortunately, I was too busy and didn’t get to attend (even though my friend offered me a ticket! :() Brian Joo was there and I youtube’d his appearance. He seems so chill ~

Apparently, Punk’d is back with a new season! I can’t wait. This is one of the clips!

Not much else…

So bye 🙂

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March Break, baby! [Part 1]


It’s finally March break! I get one week off of school to basically do more work. Sigh.

Apparently, it’s against the school board rules to assign work over the March Break for students. Basically, the teacher’s think they’re so clever; they assign big projects due two days after we come back to school so technically speaking, we don’t have to work on them over the break. But at the same time… if we don’t work on it over the break, we’d be screwed beyond belief to do it the night before.

Oh well.

So this semester I have Economics, International Business, and Canadian and International Law. It’s fair to say that I’m doing good in the first two courses I mentioned, but Law… ugh. I wanted to drop the course and replace it with something easier, but my parents refused to grant me that permission. So I was basically stuck in the course for the remainder of this semester. I just really hope it doesn’t bring down my average by a great amount of marks and causes me to not make it into any more universities! 😦

So recently, I’ve been addicted to another HK drama. It’s currently airing in HK, and it’s probably going to be one of the better series of the year. It’s called “The Hippocratic Crush” in English and “On Call 36 小時” in Chinese. It’s basically about the lives of these doctors and doctors-in-training at this hospital; their love lives, their struggles as a doctor, struggles becoming a doctor, family issues, etc. It’s a pretty good series and the cast is one of the better ones. Kenneth Ma, one of my favourites in TVB, plays the main male role. He’s a very hard-working and serious doctor who hardly has time for romance and his only focus in life is family and his patients. Other actors include Tavia, Him, Mandy, etc… Personally, I feel that Tavia’s acting is getting progressively worse (if that’s even possible). Him, Mandy, Kenneth, and Benjamin were all amazing.

Promotional poster for On Call 36 Hours

Anyways, pardon me while I let my fangirl mode on off. So Him, is this really pretty guy who I love. I first noticed him in his role in “D.I.E Again” and I thought he was adorable and then he just rose to stardom from there… (I totally have an eye for these things). Him is basically the guy standing behind the number 3.

Then, Benjamin Yuen is someone who I just discovered. Apparently, he was in a lot of good dramas that I watched before but his roles probably weren’t as dominant as the one in this drama. Anyways, he’s supposedly also Mr. Hong Kong 2007 winner (lol!), and blah blah… Anyways, I don’t think he’s that great looking but his acting and his character in this drama is beautiful ~

Anyways, here’s some pictures of them both:

Linda Chung and Him Law! 🙂

Benjamin Yuen

I’m done now, haha;

NO WAIT, no I’m not.

The theme song is good too! It’s by Joey Yung, who’s this really talented and extremely popular HK singer.

Ok, now I’m done.

Pardon me while I transition into k-pop.


So miss A came back with their new song “Touch”. I’ll admit that at first, I didn’t really like the song itself but I thought the concept was really cool. Then the song got overplayed (like any other k-pop song), and I got hooked. The little dance at the beginning is so hypnotizing! Here’s a good performance:

Oh… SECRET had this song (super-super long ago!) and I heard it before but I never really gave it a chance. It’s pretty interesting now that I listen to it:

Uh, I haven’t listened to much k-pop recently. Too busy listening to my HK music, hehe.

But if we’re talking about Korean singers, then David Choi released his MV for “Missing Piece” a little while back. Cute song and cute MV!


So it’s been a while since I touched up on j-pop. I used to be in love with it, and I still love it today. But since my favourite j-pop group lost two of it’s members, I’ve been kinda iffy on going back to it. Hurts my heart too much.

So, fairly old song, but it still sounds beautiful:

If anyone has the time, please click on the actual video and listen to some of the related videos/songs. They’re really talented and the songs all sound amazing. Here’s another example:

Ok, I have to go out now.

I’ll continue in Part 2 of this post! 🙂

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An hour or so ago, I  posted a rant on why I hate librarians and my recent encounter with a horrible one. However, I have deleted it.

Anyways, I realized I wanted to start a new blog recently and I’m planning on either restarting it here on WordPress or moving to Blogspot.

I want that post I made earlier to go on the new blog I’ll be starting. That, or I’ll be deleting it permanently since it was boring, long, and unnecessary (I just wanted to rant). Sorry (if you subscribed to me), and got an email about the new post.

I don’t think I’m relocating soon (but maybe within a month or two) so I’ll still update here for the time being.

Anyways, I have a ton of work to do.

Here’s a video:

The song is titled “Heaven” by Ailee. She’s amazing!

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Recently, Xiaxue (a popular blogger) posted a new update on her blog. It was about Adele and her weight.

Personally, I couldn’t agree more with her opinion and all that she had to say.

Please read it here.

– P.S: This is just my opinion that I happen to share with Xiaxue. I hope no one decides to virtually kick me.

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Ignored. AGAIN.

Honestly mom, I thought we were done with this bullshit.

Stop ignoring me because I did poorly on something school-related.

It’s enough that I already feel like a failure by myself.

That I’m already risking my future for university.

I’m already disappointed in myself.

Can you just try to at least act like an adult about this?

I am honestly sick and tired of my mom ignoring me whenever I do badly on a test or evaluation at school. What in the world makes you think that getting a shitty mark makes me happy? I actually do try. Maybe I underestimate situations sometimes and get myself a crappy grade, but it’s always you who says, “Well, it’s over now. What can you do about it? Might as well just let it go.”

I came home on Tuesday after completing my Biology exam and I even made a post about how I thought I did poorly. I honestly thought that even passing the exam would be difficult. I told my mom all this and then I spent Wednesday and Thursday having difficulty breathing because I was getting so stressed and I felt like my chest suddenly weighed 10lbs more because of the pressure and worry. My mom spend those two days saying, “What’s done is done. You can’t possibly go back and change the answers on your exams now so why bother worrying about it? You just have to work extra hard this semester. You have no one to blame but yourself for not studying as hard.” Up until this morning, exam review day, she was still saying how I didn’t need to be so nervous about getting the results back. I had told her that I might not even have passed the exams, and she just shrugged it off.

I came home today and told her that not only did I not fail, but I maintained a fair grade considering I thought I would have gotten a 40% for sure.

She ignored me.

Still is.

And now I’m pissed.

Woman, what happened to all the comforting lectures about letting go of the past? Starting fresh and working harder?


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