Posted by: rainbowclovers | October 4, 2009


This is another poem my teacher though was good. I got a 98 on this one, with a comment saying: “Wonderful, you have really captured the mega/minutiae”. We were supposed to write a poem that compares a historical or important event (mega) to a small issue (minutiae). I’m hoping this poem doesn’t offend anyone? Hopefully? Maybe? Please enjoy. Keep in mind it’s for an assignment and not for offending or angering people. My teacher didn’t mind .. maybe you won’t to?


We’re all running in a big circle

The playground is like our second home

It’s an epic game of Tag

They’re all running in circles,

screaming for help, begging the lord

It’s an epic game of life or death

He whipped out his gun

and sprayed her with water

They giggle like there’s no tomorrow

They whip out their best hijackers

and killed so many people

They cry like there’s no tomorrow

As the kids tumble to the floor

after a rough race around the field,

they fall down breathing heavily

As the Twin Towers crumble to the floor,

after a plane crashed into them,

they fall down, crushing thousands of lives

It was written in the rule book,

no peeking when we play hide and seek

it was unfair

They say it was written as a prophecy,

with no way of changing the future,

it was unfair.


  1. Hiya..What a powerful poem.Really cleverly written too..I like the comparisons…I can see why your teacher was impressed 🙂

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