Posted by: rainbowclovers | October 4, 2009

The Darkest Light

A little while ago, my teacher assigned a Poetry Portfolio assignment.  My poems aren’t the best, but my teacher thinks it was good enough for a 92. I decided to share one with you guys. Enjoy.

The Darkest Light

I live in an area that’s like the darkest light

It’s surrounded by forbidden sterotypes

Silent insults run though our minds,

and the violence strikes fears into our souls

My neighbourhoor is like a dangerous haven

It’s the forgetten area of Toronto,

that’s shunned from the rest of society

It’s filled with intoxicated people that hold the utmost pride

Infamous celebrities inhabit near my home,

the irritating sound of rap music soothe my ears,

the unsettling nerves of danger nearby calm my every move,

and the people are born naturally fake

Everywhere I go, I see similar faces of different racial backgrounds

Groups are split into your allies or your enemies

The relationships are all very bittersweet

In the end, you’re either dead or alive

For me, however, it’s still “home sweet home”

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