Posted by: rainbowclovers | October 5, 2009

Fall Festival

I went to a Fall Festival today to do some volunteering for community hours. Two of my friends and I were there to help the pumpkin carving booth. We basically stood for 6 hours cleaning up the mess from people’s pumpkins, directing them to the line up, and handing out pens and paper towel. There were 750 pumpkins, and they were all given away. It was a pretty tiring day. The weather was horrible, and I managed to catch a cold. I wouldn’t mind going again next year though. It was pretty fun, minus the fact that I was tired and some people were pretty rude. We didn’t get to go around to the other booths, but it seemed like we didn’t miss out on much considering our booth was the most popular one. I kind of wanted the roasted corn though ..

Video of a small performance in our booth.

Video taken by siimplyelle. Find her at



  1. Oh thanks for droppin’ by…
    Ive never been familiar with this festival..
    Looks very fun…
    I love pumpkin!

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