Posted by: rainbowclovers | October 9, 2009

Tim Hortons and Bird Poop

For business, I had to write a report on the franchises of Tim Hortons. I learned some pretty interesting things, so I’ll post some facts. All facts came from Tim Hortons’ site.

1. Tim Hortons has an online shop. You can purchase gift baskets and Timbits beach towel there.

2. To own a franchise, it will cost anywhere between $430,000 to $480,000 Canadian Dollars.

3. In 1995, Tim Hortons and Wendy’s merged together.

4. The 3000th store opened in December of 2006.

There’s plenty of other cool facts you can find on their website as well.

Nothing much happened today. The most interesting thing was that a bird decided to give me a special gift on my hoodie and vest. Yay.



  1. hahaha I think your date is a little off. It ain’t Friday yet o-o
    when did that happen?

    • I know. I don’t know how to fix it.
      Fail. I know.

      .. Today. I was walking home, and something hit me on the shoulder. It was wet, Alicia. It was wet.

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