Posted by: rainbowclovers | October 21, 2009

“oh dear buddha”

I’d say today is a good day, but it was just so boring, I wanted to do math. I HONESTLY would have rather done math. We started the day with science. It was a pretty chill period. Our teacher made us play bingo with the molecular compounds, and I got a mini chocolate bar. In math, my math teacher decided to move me to the front of the classroom and surround me with guys. In fact, I now sit with this guy who refuses to talk to me since he first met me .. just because he doesn’t want to. It’s awkward. Really awkward. While my friend, on the other hand, is sitting with all the girls and the only guy I talked to a lot in math class. In history, the honours students were gathered to listen to a presentation from .. some lady. I’d tell you more about it, but I spent 50% of the time yawning, and 50% of the time giggling with my friends. I come back two minutes before history class ends and realize my teacher picked my group for an oral presentation. Oh joy.

Now, I have a science quiz and a math test tomorrow. I pity myself. I really do.

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