Posted by: rainbowclovers | October 25, 2009

My Life is Average

So, who has ever been on the site: ?

Oh gosh, I spent the last couple hours of my life reading through those stories. I even told my mom a couple of them and she laughed too. They’re so hilarious!

Here’s a couple I thought were funny/wise/sweet:

1. Today a guy in my history class said he couldn’t take the test because he was suffering from sexual exhaustion. Without looking up from her desk, the teacher said, “That’s ok, just use the other hand.” MLIA

2. Today, 25 minutes into our English class, a boy suddenly popped out of a cabinet in the back of the room and exclaimed with evident surprise and dismay, “This isn’t Narnia!” New best friend? I think so. MLIA

3. Today, my teacher told us that he found out the gender of his soon-to-be child. It’s a girl. My classmates were asking him what him and his wife are thinking for names. He said they’ve decided to name her Brooke Lynn. Everyone aww’d at how nice of a name, till I remembered his last name is Bridge. I laughed so hard I snorted. No one got it. MLIA

4. Today I was taking a final exam in one of my classes. At the top of the exam, it read “Please read over the entire exam before starting.” I thought to myself, “No way. I was fooled by this way too many times in elementary school to fall for it now,” and I read over the entire exam. Sure enough, at the bottom of the last page, it read “This is a take home exam. You may use your book.” The teacher applauded silently when I stood up and walked away. MLIA

5. Today we were having a meeting at work about customer service. My manager said “We have to get on top of our customers and show them a good time.” I was the only one who busted out laughing. MILA

6. Our principal has been telling this male student off for some time now. The bangs of the male students can’t touch their eyebrows, but he liked growing them to cover his face. Today, he came in without changing his hair. Right before the principal could nag again, he brushed away his hair from his face. He had shaved his eyebrows off. Everyone (including me) clapped. I’m a teacher. MLIA

7. Today, after a long and grueling physics assignment, my professor suddenly addressed the class and said, “Remember, physics is like sex. It’s useful, but that’s not why we do it.” Within five minutes the whole class changed our facebook status to quote him. MLIA

8. Today in history, my teacher was talking about the women and horses that died during the crusades, and how horses were considered more important. “You can’t ride a woman”, he said, paused, laughed, then said “Well, you can, but I don’t know how effective it would be in battle.”He’s definitely my favourite teacher. MLIA

9. Today, after several months of trying to get my hot neighbor’s attention by dressing in pretty clothes and wearing make-up, I decided that it is a lost cause. This morning, I slipped into a pair of faded jeans and a white t-shirt and only wore lip gloss and was leaving my house to walk to Starbucks. I meet him in the hallway and Mr. Usually Oblivious says to me “You look pretty today,” and asks if he can join me. All this time he’s just been waiting for me to be myself. Average is good. MLIA.

10. Today, I was texting my boyfriend and he said he was hungry. I replied so was I. I called pizza hut and ordered a pizza and told them to deliver it to his house. In the next 20 minutes a pizza hut guy came to his door giving him a pizza already paid for. 5 minutes after he texted me thank-you, an ice cream truck pulled up in my drive saying have whatever you want. I love my boyfriend.MLIA



  1. I love these things~~
    4. I wish that would happen for our math exam.
    6. ahahaha. this is like J-POP, though no one nags him about his hair… and you’d never be able to tell if he has his eyebrows or not, cause his hair is so damn long. o-o
    9. if only it was so easy >.> I like this one a lot =)
    10. this is so sweet~~

    • Lol, I love them too. I look at them, and I’m thinking to myself, “When will my life is that kind of average?”
      4. I know, right? I’m hoping exams will bring up our marks since it’s a standard exam.
      6. Agreed. That person was so smart to shave their eyebrows.
      9. If only it was this easy. It’s like what Agnes said. “The good guys are so rare. It’s like endangered species.”
      10. I know, right? Best boyfriend ever.

  2. brilliant hahahahaha

    • I know, right? Haha.
      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Lol, that’s hilarious. 6 is definitely my favorite.

    • Thanks for stopping by. 🙂
      Haha, that boy is a genius. Seriously.

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