Posted by: rainbowclovers | October 26, 2009

Busy Monday

First period, we had to meet our mentee. As part of the requirements for the program I’m in, we have to mentor the freshmen. My mentee seemed alright. Although, I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m stupid. Ah well. I spent math period with all the guys in the class and my friend. We were talking about arcade games, tickets, and random things like god. Haha, I love these people. I spent lunch period cramming for my history test the next period. I think I did alright on the test. Last period was business, which went by like any other. After school, I went to the first meeting of Anime Club this year. Before you judge, it’s not like I want to be there anyways. Oh well, the meeting turned out to be a lot more amusing than I expected. I was a returning member so at least most of the people remembered my name.

I have a science and math quiz, and a business test tomorrow.

.. My science mark had finally improved. It went up by 12 marks. I can say goodbye to it now.

Heres a daily MLIA story to cheer you up:

Today, my sister asked me if I’d read the book series called “The Uglies.” Before I could answer, my little brother jumped in and asked my sister, “They wrote a whole series about you?” Needless to say, I gave my brother a high five and completely forgot to answer my sister’s question. MLIA


  1. Congratulations on improving your science score. ^^ Bleh to math. Frankly, I’ll just use a calculator.

    • Thank you! 🙂
      Plus, I agree with the “bleh to math”. I’d use a calculator if I knew what I was supposed to put into it. Sigh.

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