Posted by: rainbowclovers | October 27, 2009

Happy Tuesday

I feel like I got good marks on my science and math quiz, and my business test. I have the most confidence for my business test. I feel like I got a really good mark. As for science and math, I no longer feel like I can say what I should have gotten. Every time I predict a decent mark, I end up failing. Does that mean I should ask for a lower mark? Will the math fairy give me high marks then?

I have tons of homework, so I should probably get started.

Daily MLIA:

Three months ago, my husband was on his deathbed with cancer. I would bring him MLIA’s to read every other day in order to cheer him up. He loved reading them with me and always wanted to submit one of his own average stories. Today I got the call of a lifetime, my husband has beaten cancer by miraculous odds. Thank you MLIA.


  1. oh wow! Congratulations to him huh?

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