Posted by: rainbowclovers | October 30, 2009

Chill Friday

Nothing really interesting once again. Took notes in science, played games on math teacher’s computer, watched presentations in history, and watched a video in business class.

I would say the highlight of my day is getting coffee crisp chocolate bar from my friend. I love that chocolate. It’s so yummy. Although, I should probably lay off the chocolate. Sigh.

I got a ton of homework, but I’ll try to get at least half of it finished tonight.

On another note, someone recently visited my blog. I decided to check out their blog, and I read and saw a link to this video. Take a look:

I feel so bad for that girl. Her life must be horrible right now. I can’t imagine how I would feel if that happened to me. Luckily, her husband is sticking by her. I’m sure all her friends and family are really supportive as well. Hopefully they discover a cure soon. I know I don’t want myself or any of my friends and family in that position.

Anyways, a couple months ago, I found this video. A lot of you may have seen it already since it has over 1 million views on youtube. Just though I’d share if you haven’t seen it yet.

Daily MLIA:

Today I got back a history test. One question had finished with “the answer should be one paragraph in length.” I didn’t know the answer, so I simply wrote “One paragraph in length.” My teacher gave me full credit, because I’m an exchange student, and thought I didn’t understand her use of English. I was raised in an English speaking household. MLIA

I continued reading on the site, and I noticed another one. I just HAD to post it up. Here:

Today, my friend and I were at Walmart, and he needed some condoms, but, for some reason, was too embarrassed to carry them and asked me if I could do it. I agreed, and took them to the cashier as if they were mine. Thinking I’d continue the ruse, I pulled out my wallet to pay just as he did the same. I looked him right in the eye and said, “Oh, that’s right honey, it is your turn to pay.” The look on his face, and the cashiers, were priceless. MLIA



  1. I can’t hear the chearleader one, but it does sound sad. Vaccuum kid is hilarious though. ^^

    • Hm, odd. A friend of mines couldn’t hear it either. If you want, maybe you can search up another video?
      & Haha, I know, right? He’s adorable.

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