Posted by: rainbowclovers | November 8, 2009


I’ve been pretty tired today.

It’s odd considering the fact that I didn’t even do much. Oh well. Anyways, I just basically went out to breakfast with the family, and then to tutor. I learned a couple a new things, although I doubt it will come in use for tests considering the ass moves that my math teacher puts on us. “You’re supposed to not know how to do the questions.” .. Okay, so how do you expect us to pass, smart one?

Anyways, I bought two new books yesterday. One is called “Tempted” which is the 6th book in the House of Night series and another one is called “Hush, Hush.” I’m looking forward to reading them after I finish the book I’m reading now .. and when I actually have free time.

Daily MLIA:

Today, while cleaning out my closets I found Christmas lights with “Warning: For indoor or outdoor use only.” I’m still trying to figure out where else they could be used. MLIA

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