Posted by: rainbowclovers | November 10, 2009

Next Stop: Probation

I got all my marks. When I look at it, I think, “Should I be glad I passed or depressed that I’m going to get put on probation?” Being in this stupid honours program, if my math and science mark are below 75, I get put on probation. Science .. I got lazy, so that’s partially my fault. Math .. I pity myself, I really do. I tried so hard, and worked my ass off, and my math mark is currently 52. Sure, I passed, but it’s definitely not a grade that anyone wants to see, right? Sure, there are two other guys who failed math, but it’s like putting me next to a 500 pound man to race and saying that I’m the fastest runner. In other words, comparing me to those two other guys is .. really nothing.

My math mark is 52, science is 70, history is a 84, and business is a 87. All I can say is that I’ll work harder this term. Hopefully, with the exams coming in a couple of months, I can get my marks higher.

Anyways, I have to go to school soon. Gonna eat breakfast, I’ll post later.

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