Posted by: rainbowclovers | November 15, 2009

Adults are NOT smart!

Stupid, stupid, stupid people. You know when people say you get smarter each year you grow up? With age comes wisdom? .. or something along those lines. They were lying. My parents are definitely not a good example of wise adults who make smart decisions in life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my parents no matter how much they piss me off. It’s just .. they things they do anger me. So, let me rant about what happened.

So, I’m upstairs, on the computer, when I hear two loud idiots screaming at each other downstairs. Why? I have no idea. Usually, this is how it goes. My male parent would say something, to which my female parent would question. He would respond with, “Don’t question the things I say. Just do them.” My female parent would not give up though. She must find the answer to why something is done that way, or why his statement had to be presented in that manner. Next, my male parent would get defensive because he feels as if people do not trust his ideas or theories, or anything else he has presented to others. Following that, my female parent would then present her idea to the situation, to which he would reply, “No, my way is the right way/thought, and your way/thought is idiotic. God, you people are so f**king stupid.” Now, my female parent would be angry because her intelligence is being questioned. So, she would say something along the lines of “Please watch your attitude towards me.” My male parent, being the quick-tempered person that he is, will say; “Don’t f**king tell me what to do. Your brains are all filled with sh*t.” Basically, you can see the statements they say back to one another. My male parent would scream, give you a glare that kills, and my female parent would walk away from him, to which he would smack/punch something. Usually the couch or table.

Now, my parent’s don’t fight .. physically, which is obviously a good thing. However, their arguments are pretty constant. Once a month, if not once every two months. After the argument, my female parent would no longer make him meals. Therefore, he’ll go and purchase take-out. After two weeks (if I’m lucky, it’s one week), he will realize he can’t waste any more money on take-out food, and apologizes to my female parent. They will quickly fix their problems, and everything will run smoothly .. until the next argument.

My point is, their arguments are so childish. Honestly. Even teenagers don’t argue about stupid things like that, let alone middle-aged adults who should have learned their lesson the first couple of arguments they have in the first couple years of their marriage. Either my male parent just stop being so quick-tempered, or my female parent should just stop questioning his methods of doing things. Here’s how I see it: You do what he says. If it’s wrong, you can them blame him afterwards with proof that his theory was wrong. That way, he can’t say anything to it. It’s worked for me, and I learned to do that a couple years ago. Why can’t she?

Gosh .. my parent’s are idiots.



  1. awww. . .
    Being me, I don’t like the idea of giving in every time and waiting until something goes wrong and then going back and being like “I told you so.” Because then you get labeled as a know-it-all nag and if one person gets used to getting their way all the time, then won’t they be less open to other opinions?

    I don’t know. seems like a pretty hopeless situation to me. Have you tried telling them to calm down? I guess they won’t listen, right?

    Being myself, despite the fact that we’ve already established the fact that you love your parents, I have to add that make sure you respect them. They’ve done a lot for you, so keep that in mind šŸ™‚

    • I can totally see what you’re saying. However, when my dad’s mad, there usually isn’t anything you can do. I mean, if it’s a calm discussion, he’ll probably listen.
      When he’s fired up, I usually just give in. Arguing with him is pointless sometimes, and it only gets us angrier at each other.

      • I know what you mean. Sometimes you just have to nod your head and say “yes, dad/mom” until they calm down.

      • Mhm, my point exactly. Too bad that when they calm down, and you explain, they get fired up again. :/

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