Posted by: rainbowclovers | November 17, 2009

Indirect Messages and Stealing Stupidity

First of all, I don’t know whether this post should belong in “Daily Blog” or in “rants”. Oh well, I’ll probably place it under rants.

Let me start off with “indirect messages”. My science teacher is really starting to bother me. There’s just something about her that I don’t like. Yesterday, we did a science test, and today, she told us, “Guys, in general, most of you did pretty well on the test, but I would say some of you still have problems with naming formulas”, and she looks directly at me. Um, what? Are you saying I’m bad at writing chemical formulas? If that’s the case, say it then. We have a class of twelve, saying it and looking directly me will both tell the class who you’re talking about. There’s a lot of other things too that bother me about indirect messages. I hate when someone say something about you, and both you and that person know it’s about you, yet they never say your name. I find it so annoying. In my opinion, it’s sort of like “Well, if you have something, say it. Don’t be saying it around me, or make these annoying moves and eye contact to let me know it’s me. Doing it and saying it is the same thing. So why not say it?”

Next, I want to talk about how I basically handed over my calculator to someone. Yesterday, we got back our math quizzes, and I took out my calculator from my pencil-case to calculate my mark. Behind me, this girl in my class said, “Can I have the calculator please?”. Assuming she wanted to borrow it to calculate her mark, I handed it to her. When I went to take it back, she said “Wait .. that’s my calculator.” WHAT !? What is she thinking? I asked her why she thought that, and she said she left her calculator on my desk and then I took it. Stupid? I think so. First of all, why would you leave it on my table. Second of all, there was only one calculator there and it was mines from inside  my pencil-case. She said she would go ask the guy sitting next to me. The guy said “Oh, I think it’s yours.” YOU THINK? Okay, buddy, well I think it’s mine. So what now? In the end, I lost the calculator. It’s not a big deal, since I ended up buying a better, newer model. It’s just .. so aggravating when you realize you handed over your stuff to a thief.


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