Posted by: rainbowclovers | November 18, 2009

My Life is Average [Part 2]

Today, a lot of crap happened at school. It’s been bothering me all day but I thought I’d post MLIA’s to make me smile instead of ranting about a lot of crap.

1. Today, I was looking for a picture of Waldo on the internet so I could draw a picture of him. I searched on Google Images and found a picture of him that looked like it would be a good reference. When I clicked on the picture to enlarge it, it said that the webpage could not be found. You win this time, Waldo. MLIA.

2. Today, I wrote my name on my essay as ‘the real slim shady’. When the teacher was handing them out she asked “Will the Real Slim Shady please stand up?”, and the whole class stood up one by one. I love high school. MLIA

3. Last night I stayed at a fancy hotel and when they asked for my name I told them ‘Joseph President’. Why? When room service called to wake me this morning the receptionist said “Good morning, Mr. President”. MLIA

4. Today, my teacher gave us an extra credit test. While we were taking it, she decided to type up the answer key on her laptop. She didn’t realize that her laptop was connected to the projector, and that her answers were up on the wall. She found out halfway through, and announced that the first half of the test didn’t count. She proceeded to continue with the answer key, but she covered the computer screen. This did absolutely nothing to the projector. At the very end of class, she realized again what she had done and canceled the entire test. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. MLIA

5. Today, I received an email from my dad. I expected it to be something boring and unimportant, but decided to open it. His email was four pages of scripts for scenes he made up in which Kanye West interrupts different scenes, including a birthing and a bar mitzvah. I’m opening all messages from dad from now on. MLIA

6. Today was my first day student teaching at my old high school. A lot of my former teachers are still there and informed me now I could call them by the first names. Never have I felt so badass. MLIA

7. I recently started dating a guy with the last name “Black.” Today, my little sister jokingly commented that we should name our kid “Jacob” in honor of Twilight. Silly sister, his name will be “Sirius.” MLIA

8. Today, I got back my geometry test. There was one question I couldn’t figure out, so I drew a wizard and had him change the question to one I knew, which I then proceeded to answer. I got full credit. MLIA

9. Today, I was bored and talking on MSN with my friends. I wrote TAG! YOU’RE IT! NO TAG BACKS! She then said fine. I was bored so I kept on talking. Half an hour later one of my other friends wrote YOU’RE IT! no tag backs. My game of tag had went on to at least 20 people. I feel accomplished. MLIA

10. Today, I was texting this guy that I really like. He recently got a girlfriend and I was unsure if it was even worth liking him any more. I decided to perform a test, I texted him “Mwahhhhhhhhhh” and he texted back, “I speak whale too!” He’s my soulmate. MLIA



  1. #5 could you post that? sounds hilarious!
    #7 haHA!!! Made me laugh. Definitely Sirius.

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