Posted by: rainbowclovers | November 26, 2009

Well, aren’t you the arse ..

Wow, I had this fantastic day. My science mark was improving. Math class was interesting, and I’m following pretty well so far in this unit. For lunch, I had two delicious onigiri. My history period was good since my history mark is also improving. Business class was a work period, and I managed to finish almost all my work. Plus, even though I have a lot of homework tonight, I was pretty happy. Life was going well today.

Bam. I open the door, and my dad tells me that my math teacher had called home “expressing his concerns for my math mark.” If he was so concerned, he would help me when I ask for help instead of telling me to carefully think about a question, or drawing ugly diagrams that don’t help me whatsoever. He told my dad that I gave him an .. attitude of some sort which made him feel as if I was rude to him and didn’t really care about what he says in class. Say what? Firsly, if I was “rude”, it was probably because math is too damn boring and my “bored and neutral” face scared you. Plus, I do care about what he says. I really do try in math class, but I think he’s actually a pretty funny teacher. Well buddy, if that’s your way of expressing your concerns, then .. [inserts lots of curse words here]. Okay, well .. I’m not really angry with him. I’m more angry with myself actually. He told me yesterday that I should try harder because he knows that I’m good at math, and if I put more of an effort, I could actually catch up. Was my effort last term not enough? I tried my hardest, and all my work squeezed out into a 52. Well, since I’m improving in science and history, I guess I’mm put extra effort into improving my math. Hopefully, with a smarter kid sitting next to me, my marks will improve?

Now that I’m done rambling, I guess I feel a lot better. Here’s a couple MLIA’s to cheer you up if you need it.

Daily MLIA:

1. Today my dad called me on the house phone. He was calling to see if I was home. I told him I wasn’t, I had gone to a friend’s house. He apologized for interrupting. I couldn’t stop laughing. MLIA

2. Earlier this week, my math teacher was explaining to us how most humans only use a quarter of their total brain capacity. Without thinking, my classmate blundered, “Then what about the other quarter?”

3. I realized that after Monday and Tuesday, even the calander says W T F. MLIA.



  1. LOL @ Number 3 🙂

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