Posted by: rainbowclovers | December 3, 2009

My day was a Minimum

To help us remember the direction of a parabola, my teacher tells us that if it opens down, it’s a “sad face”, and it has a maximum amount of sadness. If it opens up, it’s a “happy face”, and it has a minimum amount of sadness. Today was a minimum, since it was a pretty great day. Period one was all laughs, I feel like I did alright on my math test, lunch was normal, history was .. so-so, and business was normal again. It was a pretty normal day, which means I’m a happy girl.

Daily MLIA:

1. Today, I saw a spider on my ceiling. Since I’m afraid of them, I grabbed my cat and held him up to the ceiling so he could catch it. He did and ate it. We make a good team. MLIA.

2. A while ago my son came home from from 5th grade with a homework assignment that his teacher returned to him after grading it. It was torn, mangled, taped together, and missing the top right hand third of the original page of homework. In large pink letters, his teacher wrote ” Sorry! My dog ate your homework” MLIA. (I’m aware there are two ‘from’ in the first sentence. All MLIA is copied and pasted. It’s not my fault!)

3. A few days ago, my girlfriend and I went to go see A Christmas Carol in 3-D. As the movie began, we were both pretty amazed at the effects. I then heard my girlfriend quietly say to herself “I wish my life were in 3-D.” I wonder about her sometimes. MLIA.

4. Today, I bought a really cool corduroy jacket from a thrift store for six dollars. When I got home, I found a wrinkly, washed ten in one of those hidden inside pockets. I purchased a rad piece of clothing for negative four dollars. MLIA.

5. Today, I was discussing my favorite snack, hot carrots, with my husband. I told him, “I like them when they’re soft and floppy,” at which he immediately started giggling. I smiled, thinking he was going to say, “That’s what she said!” when he turned to me and seriously stated, “She would never say that.” MLIA

6. Today, I was trying to study for an exam when my mom told me she was going to the store and I needed to babysit my 4 year old brother. I was very stressed out and he caught on to it. He asked “Why aren’t you happy?” and I told him I was worried about a test. He then ran out the living room. About a half hour later he came back with a plastic bin. In it was Play-Dough, Pirates of the Caribbean DVD, two pirate hats and swords, Lincoln Logs, bubbles, crackers and fruit snacks and two juice boxes. He then took my hand and brought me to his room where he built a huge fort. I then spent the next three hours playing with him. Best de-stressing EVER. MLIA

7. A few days ago, I took a test in my Ancient Art class. Today, I got the test back. I recieved a 69 on a test whose subject was naked Greek statues. My mother laughed as hard as I did. MLIA

8. Today, I read a second MLIA about Intercourse Pennsylvania. I went to High School in Fertile MN. A town near us is named Climax, and if you go across the North Dakota border you’ll find Cummings. You can then head south to visit Moorhead. Welcome to the middle of no where….MLIA

9. Yesterday, I was late for a birthday party for my best friend. I had a dozen donuts for the party in my passenger seat. I ended up getting pulled for speeding, but once the cop reached my window, I gave him a winning smile and said, “You smelled ’em, didn’t you?” He let me off with a warning. MLIA

10. Today I realized that my iPod touch can play music fairly loud without headphones. I walked around campus playing dance music. When it came to The Macarena I heard about four people behind me gasp and start doing the dance. We started a dance party in the middle of the dining hall. I love college, MLIA.

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