Posted by: rainbowclovers | December 8, 2009


I think I’ll speed this one up since I have quite a bit of homework to do.

1. High mark on science quiz.
2. Math quiz on Friday = nervous girl.
3. History teacher has been gone for two days. Maternity leave? Hmm ..
4. My business mark went up! Yay!
5. Parents bought be a new Aeropostale vest. Waiting for spring, so I can actually wear it.
6. A friend of mine carried my textbooks half way home. He’s amazing!
7. Close friend of mine left for Vietnam, I miss her. I’ll see her again in a month.
8. World War 2 was happened this time around 55-60 years ago?
9. I’ve been getting a lot of views recently. Thanks guys!
10. Enjoy the following MLIAs.

Daily MLIA:

1. Yesterday, I moved all of the shelves in the shower up about three inches. Today, I overheard my sister (who is 15) frantically explain to my father that she is shrinking. My father proceeded to measure her, and winking t me, informed her that she was indeed shorter. I love my father. MILA
2. Today, I was looking at a map of Waterford in Ireland. I noticed that Bastardstown was quite near to Horetown. Coincedence? I think not. MLIA
3. Yesterday, I got a call from the school nurse. It turns out that my six year old daughter had been licking the hand sanitizer off of her hands and got drunk due to the alcohol content. When I asked her why she did this, she said it tastes good and made her head feel fuzzy. I am afraid I have a long road ahead of me with this child. MLIA
4. Today I decided to be healthy and eat a 100 calorie pack, I ended up eating 5 packs and realized it defeated the purpose of the 100 calories. MLIA.
5. Today I found out why Apple didn’t make a kids version of an iTouch phone. It’s because if they did, it would have to be called an iTouch kids.
6. Today, my friend and I had an emotional talk and he started to cry. Startled, I ask if he was crying. He looked at me and said “No…My eyes just…Decided to pee”. I am never going to say that I’m crying again. MLIA
7. Today, I walked into my living room. My grandma was on her facebook. My 15 year old sister was knitting. I’m still confused. MLIA.
8. Today, I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to drop out of school and run away to the mountains with me. He said yes, and suggested we live in a house of legos. We’re leaving tomorrow. MLIA
9. Today, In class we were talking about the population in other countries. My teacher told us that in India a woman gives birth every ten seconds. A student yelled out, “Somebody needs to find that woman and stop her!” MLIA
10. Today, while reading my psychology book a saw the sentence, “the hypothalamus is in charge of the “four F’s” of behavior: Fighting, fleeing, feeding, and MATING. We all know what that should be. MLIA

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