Posted by: rainbowclovers | December 9, 2009

Stop screaming!!!

There was a snow storm today in Toronto and I won’t complain since my uncle drove my cousin and I to school. When I opened the door of the car, the wind was so strong, it slammed the door back into my face. First period, 4 out of 12 kids showed up. I can’t say I wasn’t pleased though. It was just my friend and I, and two other guys who I have no problems with. Overall, today was a pretty good day. I finished all my homework at school, so I only have to study for my science quiz tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll do good like I did on my last quiz.

My day was going fine until my dad stepped into it. In my last rant, I talked about how my dad is a loud person and refuses to be wrong. Well, during summer break, my family and I went back to China. Using our aeroplan card, we were each about to collect a lot of miles. When we came back, we decided to convert the points into money. I personally didn’t know how to, so I called a friend of mine to ask. Halfway through buying a gift card using my mile points, my internet decided to crash on me. Now, I’m usually pretty calm when it comes to money. If I loose a couple dollars here and there, it’s a “whatever” for me. Even if I loose $100 worth of a gift card, I wouldn’t really mind. That’s just me though. Maybe because it isn’t my money anyways. So, my internet crashed, and my dad starts screaming at me calling me an idiot and to check for internet connectivity. I had already checked it two minutes before he told me to, and he was sitting right next to me. Being the turd that he is sometimes, he screamed that I didn’t check it. I screamed back saying I did. He then proceeded to cuss me off saying I could loose all my aeroplan points. I don’t understand why he was complaining, since there’s two different pages. Either the transaction was completed or it wasn’t. There was no in-between. So, basically, my dad could be such a douche at times. I hate that he yells at you, when he can not do any better himself.

Daily MLIA:

1. Today, I was looking up various colleges and discovered that one college in particular had a rate of 49% males, and 49% females. I’m concerned as to what that 2% minority is. MLIA.

2. Today, while driving home from the grocery store with my parents, I saw a long line of birds along a powerline above us, all facing the same way. Near the center was one bird that was facing the opposite direction. Way to rebel, little bird. MLIA
3. Today, is my 18th birthday and while I can go buy porn, cigarettes, and lotto tickets I don’t care because I can finally order a Snuggie from off the TV, without a parent. MLIA

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