Posted by: rainbowclovers | December 10, 2009

chill guys

hey, i thought i’d post in a way that you’d see me type if i was in a chat site or on MSN chatting. i’m kind of tired today, so hopefully you understand, LOL xD it’s not much of a difference compared to how i normally type, but .. oh well. don’t worry, i’ll type like i normally do tmr. maybe some ppl will like seeing me type this way? rofl

anyways, so today we had a science quiz. i was pretty confident about it until people started telling me my answer wasn’t right. /slits wrists

just kidding. oh well, other than that, today was pretty chill. nothing really important, but i have a math quiz tomorrow that i have to study for. i’m praying for a 70 or above on this quiz. please .. please! x____x i don’t want to get kicked out of the school .. /cries

daily mlia:

1. Today we started our new trimester. A boy who I know from swimming, that I didn’t know goes to my school, was assigned to sit next to me. When he put his stuff down he looked over at me and said, “Oh hey! I didn’t notice it was you with all your clothes on!” The looks on the other kids’ faces were priceless. I just winked at him and then looked towards the front of the room. The faces got even better. MLIA.
2. Today my friends and I decided to play red rover. I was really surprised that they decided to put the two weakest people next to each other, but I ran at them anyways. Not only did I break through their hands, I ran head first into a pole. Apparently they had been planning this the whole time. My friends are evil geniuses. MLIA
3. Today, I was talking to my youth minister and his daughter. I was talking about how I tripped over my own feet quite often. The daughter proceeds to laugh, and says, “Hahaha, that’s funny!!” And without missing a beat my youth minister said, “That’s what Jesus said when he made your face.” Greatest comeback ever. MLIA



  1. #3
    I am so using my own version of that as a comeback someday. . .

    • I told myself the same thing. I forgot the comeback. T____T”

      • You know what’s terrible? After waiting an entire day to use that diss, my English teacher created the perfect opening, but I couldn’t say it because he’s a teacher.

        He was talking about how his nose went sideways when he broke it. So he says in this very sarcastic voice, “Well, THAT’S attractive.” And while everyone else was laughing I was slowly dying on the inside because it was SO DARN PERFECT!!!!

        Then, I waited THREE WHOLE DAYS to use it, and then. . . this happened:

        We were at my uncle’s house looking at his adorable baby girl and my brother said “She’s not doing anything. When our other cousin was her age he could do all sorts of stuff.”

        “She’s not a dog,” I told him. “And you can tell by her face she’s a thinker.”

        Brother: “You can tell by her face she has gas.”

        Me: “You can tell by YOUR face YOU have gas.”

        Brother: “That’s what God said when he made your face.”

        I couldn’t stop laughing despite the tragedy of having “my own” amazing diss used on me. . .

        So now I’m still waiting. . .but someone will slip up . . . someone has to.

  2. LOL!
    I hate those times when you wanna diss a teacher, but then you realize that they’re a teacher. Sigh.

    You’re brother sounds hilarious. But, I know how you feel. Sometimes I hear a funny comeback from a show or something, and I’ll think, “That’s so clever. I’ll use that.” Then, I either forget about the comeback or someone uses it before me. 😦

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