Posted by: rainbowclovers | December 13, 2009


I haven’t posted here in one or two days. Well, it’s because I got lazy. Plus, when I did try to post, the words weren’t showing up because my computer is a slow loader. Anyways, the past two days have been pretty good. I feel like my math quiz went pretty well, so hopefully I get a good mark. My science quiz on the other hand .. was eh. I know I got quite a few questions wrong. Yesterday, I went Christmas shopping and bought some gifts for my friends. Hopefully the gifts I get back aren’t from their recycling bin. Don’t get me wrong, I know “it’s the thought that counts”, but sometimes people’s gifts make you think “well .. your thought wasn’t that great”.

Anyways, in science, I’m in a group of three for a project that’s due on Tuesday. One girl in my group recently started dating and has now proclaimed her boyfriend as her life. She refuses to go online and send my friend and I the information we need. When we sent her emails, she doesn’t reply. When we call her, she doesn’t pick up the phone. We’re both trying to do good on this project and get good grades. Clearly, someone isn’t helping out the cause. I’ve been so angry yesterday because of this yesterday. If she doesn’t come online today …. let’s just say the outcome won’t be pretty.

Other than that, I finished all my homework except science. I’ll be off to tutor later on during the day, so I’ll be doing homework and just chilling for a couple of hours.

Daily MLIA:

1. Last week in Spanish we were learning about different Spanish-speaking countries, including information about their culture and the food they ate when a girl asked “Do animals make different sounds if they’re in a different country?” Cue the awkward silence and blank stares. MLIA

2. Today, my cousin asked me to name a state with the letter X in the name. I was stumped. I’m from Texas and spend every holiday in New Mexico. MLIA

3. A couple years ago, my mom got a concerned call from my little brother’s teacher. Apparently when asked what he was thankful for, he responded that he was thankful for his “big woody”. What his teacher didn’t know was that he meant his large Toy Story action figure. MLIA

4. A couple weeks ago, my best friend came to dinner. We were having a nice time, eating and talking with my family. Then my twin sister complains about how she can’t eat her meat because the peices weren’t small enough. My dad answered this with, “I’ve seen you put bigger things in your mouth than that.” Needless to say, my best friend and I had to be excused from the table for fifteen minutes we couldn’t stop laughing. MLIA

5. Today, I rear ended another car and the person I hit happened to be a midget. The guy got out his car and walked to my window, looked up and said, “I am not happy.” I wish I had the courage to say, “Then which one are you?” Instead I just apologized. MLIA (Note from rainbowclovers: Sorry if this offends anyone. I just thought it was a clever joke.)

6. Today I drank an energy drink. Five minutes later i fell asleep. I feel I’ve been deceived. MLIA

7. Today, my friend texted me a quote from The Princess Bride. I returned the favor, and soon an epic quote war began. However, she won when I opened a message saying “Its hard to find breasts as perfect as yours in this worlds, and it would be a shame to damage them.” I’m a guy. MLIA.

8. Today my friend suggested that deaf people should have a written language, like how there is brail for the blind. He was completely serious. MLIA

9. Today, I saw a license plate that read, “ANDBEYOND”. The car was an Infiniti. Glad to see some people still have an intelligent sense of humor. MLIA.

10. Today, I yelled “Hey Loser!” into a crowd. 7 people turned around. MLIA

11. Today, I got a friend request on myspace, and their display name was “Nobody”, so it said “Nobody wants to be your friend”. This made me kinda sad. MLIA.

12. Since the beginning of the school year, I’ve been suspicious that they intentionally put me in “the stupid kid math class.” Today, a girl in said class asked me if Italy was in France. She was completely serious. Suspicion confirmed. MLIA.

13. My parents do not let my sister or I say the word “fart” because they think there are better words to use. When my sister was talking to my dad today, she said, “Sorry, I just farted…..I mean, I passed gas out of my anus.” My sister is 6 years old. I’ve taught her well. MLIA.

14. Today, I saw a sign on a door that said “WARNING: use this door for entering and exiting only” I’m still confused. MLIA

15. My boyfriend was forced to attend the premiere of New Moon. He wore a tshirt which said “Then Buffy Staked Edward. The End.” But when Jacob Black first appeared on screen, as the screaming began to die down from the girls in the next row, he said loudly in his rather deep voice “I’d tap that.” … Best. Boyfriend. Ever. MLIA


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