Posted by: rainbowclovers | December 14, 2009

.. You’re whispering, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hear you!

Has this ever happened to you? Two people are whispering about you. You know it’s about you. Whenever this happens, I’m thinking to myself, “Way to be discreet, eh?” Basically, today, I got my science quiz back. Let’s say I passed, but it’s nothing that anyone would want to see. Second period, I got back my trigonometry quiz. I thought I did alright considering my past failures and 60s. Anyways, it really made me happy. I went home hoping my mom would be proud. I tell her my grade, and what do I get as a reply? “Where’s the 100%?” …. Wow, mom, thanks. I worked for slightly more than 3 months, all my tests/quizzes are disgusting and you expect a 100 from me? I explained to her that I lost most of my marks from careless mistakes but I actually understand how to do the work. She didn’t say anything. I then went down to the basement to take a shower. As I’m changing, I hear her whispering to me dad upstairs. My father, being the ever-so quiet person he is decides to do a sort of “whisper-scream”. It’s when he’s trying to be discreet yet wants you to hear him yelling at you. So what do I overhear? I’m a useless piece of crap, I’m good for nothing, I never listen to my parents, and I will go no where in life.

Hmmm .. At first I was angry, then I started thinking. “Thanks dad. That just gave me a whole lot of motivation to work hard so I can get into a good college/university, and more far far away from you. Maybe if I actually end up with a good job one day, you can enjoy your life alone and grumpy.” Okay .. so maybe I sound a bit harsh, but if you had to deal with this man as your father for you’re whole life, you’d understand. Maybe one day I’ll post all the things he’s yelled at me for.

Basically, if you skipped all that, here’s the story in a sentence: My dad is not a nice person.

Daily MLIA:

1. Today, my friend was teaching me how to spell my name in sign language. A few people walked up behind me and asked my friend, “Is she deaf?” Turning around, I answered out loud, “Yes, I am.” They believed me. MLIA.

2. Yesterday I called my dad to ask for a ride home. He told me he was already half way there. I called him on the house phone. Nice try, dad. MLIA

3. Today, I decided to play a trick on my mum. She had a glass of water in her right hand and had her watch on her right wrist. I asked her what time it was and she twisted her wrist, spilling her glass of water. I will be doing this often. MLIA

4. Today at school, I was on my way to english class when I noticed a sign taped to the door. It read: “‘Let’s eat grandma!’ or, ‘Let’s eat, grandma!’ Punctuation saves lives.” I laughed for about 10 minutes. MLIA

5. Today i had a staring contest with my cat. He blinked, i laughed, he hit me with his paw. MLIA


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