Posted by: rainbowclovers | December 15, 2009


Hate this feeling. I’ve had a stuffed nostril for two days now. My friends keep having to get up and get me tissue because my constant sniffing was pissing them off.

School was alright today. There’s a math test tomorrow, so I hope to do well. Gotta study!

Daily MLIA:

1. Today, after going to the ATM, i asked my friends if they knew why ATMs had headphone jacks. My one friends response? “For the deaf people”. She was completely serious. Glad to know i have intelligent friends. MLIA

2. Today I introduced my German boyfriend to my parents. My Dad asked if he was related to Hitler. MLIA

3. Today I walked into Subway. The man behind the counter asked me what sandwich I would like, and I told him I wanted a spicy italian. A man sitting in the restaurant raised his hand and said, “I’m right here.” MLIA

4. Today I saw a squirrel. I then began to chase the squirrel and watched as the squirrel ran into a tree. Not up a tree, into a tree. MLIA

5. Today, I was in line at checkout of the Publix. The cashier and I started talking and she finally asks. “How tall are you?” and I told her 6/2. She laughed, saying she didn’t believe it. So I said I was 5/14. Her response? “I thought so”. MLIA

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