Posted by: rainbowclovers | December 19, 2009

Winter break, baby!

Warning: This post will be long. Stop if you don’t want to read a short story.

I’ve been waiting for this day since school started. Since September, my grades have not been the most pleasing things to look at. Plus, since I found out that term two’s grades build from term one, it only makes me more depressed. If it had started off from zero, my grades right now would be beautiful, but nooo .. Plus, with all those arguments and drifting away from friends, I could have just slit my wrists (okay, maybe not). The point is, I’m looking forward to the two week break I’m getting even though I have some homework to do.

Anyways, I spent all of Wednesday night cramming for my science unit test. I studied so hard, I was expecting the test would be a breeze for me. I should really stop assuming though. The test was definitely not well done. I feel a low mark waiting for me when I get back to school. (insert depressing atmosphere here). Plus, since I spent all that time studying for science, I totally bombed my business test as well. Sure, I’m not pleased with my test mark for that chapter, but my business mark is safe right now. I just want my math and science grades to go up. I’m praying I’ll pass the program’s standards this year.

A couple of days ago, my best friend sent me a link to a video. I was really hooked and I can’t get the song out of my head now. Here’s the video:

Yesterday was my last day of school before Winter break. All our classes were cut to 40 minutes per period and there was a Holiday assembly right after. Last year, I attended the holiday assembly and I really enjoyed it so I thought I’d stay to watch this year. This year was even better! There was a short skit about the true meaning of Christmas. It was hilarious. My friend’s brother demonstrated a short poem about the Holidays. There was something about the red and green apple of Christmas, and how we must “eat it, swallow it, digest it.” Clearly, it was meant to be humourous and not to be seriously taken as an inspirational poem. Another friend’s brother played the piano. He was amazingly good, it’s just … he lost most of the audience’s attention. There was a skit/dance where the kids in detention were bullying a nerd. He started to do a b-boy dance with the “bullies” dancing behind him. The song (New Boyz – So Dope) was cute and I loved the way they set it up. Since the song ended at the part where the lyrics go “If you’re cute, raise your hand.” and the nerd raised his hand while sitting a chair with all the ladies next to him. That might not be the best description, but I thought it was adorable. Here’s the song:

Anyways, there was also a girl who sang the song “Fireflies” by Owl City. Her voice was beautiful, and everyone in the audience pulled out their cellphones and iPods and waved them around to create a firefly effect.

This morning, my childhood best friend had to return back to Macau. She’s a foreign student who decided to come here and live with a host family. She basically studies at a high school in Toronto and goes back to Macau whenever she has a break. Last night, she came over so my dad can drive her to the airport in the morning. We stayed up late to watch Russell Peter’s “Red, White, and Brown” DVD and re-runs of old Friend’s episodes. Now, I would put clips here, but I think I overloaded on youtube videos for this post. So, if you want, you guys can go search that up yourself if you haven’t watched it before.

This morning, we woke up early to go to the airport and drop her off. There’s something about the airport that always makes me happy. I love the rush of running around with your luggage and knowing you’ll be on a plane soon heading to a new place. Sure, it wasn’t me who was leaving, but it was still enjoyable. The airport is just so big!

Next, I want to post some stories from a new site similar to MLIA and FML. It’s called GHM which stands for “Gives me Hope”. I’ll post some now.

Daily GMH:

1. I come from a large family where money is tight. My dad has called me a few times asking if the gift wrapped christmas gifts the kids have recieved are from me. They aren’t. Today I found a pile of reciepts belonging to my girlfriend, for all the gifts my siblings have annonomously recieved. GMH.

2. There was a kid at my high school who was a notorious truant. One day he stopped skipping and started attending regularly. Later, we found out he would visit his terminally ill friend in the hospital so he could be with him until the very end. He GMH.

3. One day, after substituting at a pretty tough high school, I was walking to my car, feeling rather beaten. I looked up to see one of the tenth graders who had given me trouble walking through the parking lot holding his 10-yr-old sister’s hand, carrying her Dora the Explorer backpack. Love GMH.

Also, there’s another new site called HatePost. Here’s some:

Daily HatePost:

1. I hate when middle-schoolers say that they want a “serious relationship”. Bitch, you still order off the kids menu.

2. I hate it when people drive at 40 miles per hour on the highway. Really? Where did you learn to drive? Cooking school?

3. I hate when I don’t finish my food my mom uses the “You know, there’s starving kids in Africa,” thing. She’s 400 pounds, and could feed a whole African tribe.

4. I hate it when you notice someones zipper is unzipped and are afraid to tell them because they will insist that you were staring at their crotch.

5. I hate how I weigh more than my friends and when I’m around them, they talk about how fat they are when they’re actually all really skinny. Well jeez, if you think you’re fat, I’d hate to think what you think about me.

Daily MLIA:

1. Today, I was at Burger King and I was about to open the door when I saw the label by the handle. “Push or Pull. Have it your way.” Why thank you Burger King, I think I will. MLIA

2. Today, was grab a butt day, and my school all participated. While I was waiting for my bus after school, I saw a guy run up and grab my teacher’s butt. My teacher promptly turned and punched this stuident in the face. MLIA.

3. Yesterday, I met my boyfriend’s mom for the first time. She said she liked my boots. Noticing how clean the floors were, I asked her if I should take them off before I went into the rest of the house. She stared at me for a really long time. Turns out she said she liked my pants. That’s one way for me to make an impression. MLIA.


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