Posted by: rainbowclovers | December 21, 2009


Boring day! I spent my morning and a bit of my afternoon at a friend’s house in hopes of completing our math final project. We accomplished a bit, but then we got distracted. Really distracted. Let’s put it this way: When I’m around, nothing is every completed.

I came home a couple hours ago, and now I’m hoping I can finish my history homework by tonight so I can go out to Yorkdale Mall tomorrow with two of my friends.

Daily MLIA:

1. Today I looked up Orson Wells on IMDB, and it said he was in Moby Dick in 1999. It also says that he died in 1985. I’m impressed. MLIA
2. Today, I realised that my sister, who was born on 06/06/06, has a name that when spelt backwards is ‘Ah, Satan!’ It fits. MLIA.
3. Today I realized that if a word was spelled wrong in the dictionary no one would know. MLIA
4. Today my gay best friend admitted that he liked me and wanted to go out. I’m a girl, I turned a gay guy straight. MLIA.
5. Today, my little brother asked me how old I was. I replied “15 and a quarter”. I then asked him how old he was. He said, “5 and a dime.” Gotta love him. MLIA.

Daily GMH:

1. I got my first boyfriend at age 16, and soon after I was diagnosed w/ multiple sclerosis. Soon after, I developed a bad limp and have trouble walking. But, he’s stayed with me for 5 years. He still takes care of me and tells me I’m beautiful everyday. Now, we’re engaged. GMH
2. Today, I took a stroll through Manhattan, and I saw a man put a quarter in a parking meter. He then put a quarter in every parking meter that needed time on it so they wouldn’t get towed. GMH
3. A few years ago, I was out with my gorgeous best friend, feeling like the most ugly girl in the room. Sensing this, an elderly gentleman won a stuffed animal from the crane machine, comes over and says “a stuffed animal for the prettiest girl in the room.” I still feel like it. GMH.
4. I was at a bookstore and an obscure author was doing a book signing. Nobody was coming over–he looked dejected. Then three teenagers came over, got his autograph & took pictures with him. It looked like it made his day. Later, I talked to them and they said they had never read his books. GMH
5. Today, I registered for an account on GMH. I’ve always had depression and anxiety. On every site I’ve ever been on, my username has been ‘sapphirextears’. This time, it’s ‘sapphirexhope.’ GMH.

Daily HatePost:

1. I hate how people think Canadians live in igloos, have a pet beaver, and only eat maple syrup.
2. I hate it when you’re looking up a word on the internet and then you end up getting a useless definition. Define: “distinctiveness”, Definition: The quality of being distinct. Geez, I would have never guessed that one.
3. I hate it when the person that cheated off of me, gets a higher grade on the test.
4. I hate when someone fake lunges/punches me and then laughs when I flinch. I’m sorry for assuming you had the guts to hit me.
5. I hate how in scary movies the people who are being chased always fall, but not only do they fall they dont get up afterwards they keep crawling until they get axed in the back. Hey lady if you had gotten up 5 minutes ago you would still be alive.


  1. 4&5 hateposts are so funny lol

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