Posted by: rainbowclovers | December 22, 2009


Maybe it’s just me .. but when someone works on their ISP for five hours and have the computer suddenly shut off right when she saved her last sentence, it’s annoying. At first, I didn’t really care. “Hey, I have the file saved, and I’ll just restarted my computer and print it out.” Not likely. I turned on the computer, and it told me that Microsoft Word 2007 is a corrupted “file” and refuses to open for me. So .. there goes five hours my life. I broke down crying. Seriously. It’s the most aggravating thing in the world when you saved your work, and when you’re about to print it out, your computer shuts off and refuses to let you reopen the window. Anyways, my friend encouraged me that I’ll be able to do it again since it’s easier the second time around. I love her. I managed to retype the whole essay in 50 minutes. So .. I’m good.

I spent all of today practically at the mall with my two friends. We went Christmas shopping and ate lunch. We basically just hanged out. Plus, we walked up to random strangers and gave them gifts. Celebrate the joy of the holiday season? Haha. Anyways, with my history ISP draft completed, I’m off to do my science ISP. Yay, joy.

Daily MLIA:

1. Today I got a new matress. On the label it said “Do not attempt to swallow.” I’m confused.

2. Today, my grandmother farted and then stated “pardon my rectal ventriloquism.” I shall never call it a fart ever again. MLIA.

3. Today I was carrying a wok I’d just bought in a plastic bag and by mistake I swung it into a stranger’s shin. He said ‘sorry’ and I said ‘ouch.’ I didn’t notice the mistake until my friend told me. MLIA

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