Posted by: rainbowclovers | December 28, 2009

One More Word!

So, today, I decided to stay home and try to finish as much of my science ISP (independent study project) as possible. I’ve gotten through a large portion of it, when I started to read the next set of instructions. We had to type out the process for laser eye surgery in a flow chart. Now, that sounds easy, and it is. The problem? Which one? There’s so many types of laser eye surgery that I found through my research. Lasik, Lasek, and other ones. There isn’t much of a large difference between the different types of laser eye surgery, but I know my teacher is going to be a huge arse about it. Is it really that complicated to write in brackets what type of laser eye surgery you want us to do? Is it that tiresome to move your fingers a bit more to press on the keyboard? She’s been an annoying teacher who I have wanted to smack since the beginning of the year.

She’s the one who tells you to ask questions if you need help. Then, when you ask a question on how she wants the assignment to be done, she’ll respond with “I don’t know, you tell me.” In my head, I’m thinking “Well, you annoying crap, if I KNEW, why would I ask you?” Anyways, then you would hand in your assignment and she’ll take off 5 marks because you didn’t do it the way she wanted you to. “Hmm .. why didn’t you let me know when I asked you then!?” She always assumes that we’ll figure out the way she wants the work to be done. Then, deduct marks for not knowing. I don’t want to say I hate her. However, I highly dislike her face and personality. It repels me. Seriously.

Anyways, now I’m stuck here wondering what I should do. What do you guys suggest I do?


  1. I know eh! This stupid project is wearing on my sanity. I mean is it so hard to tell us what you want us to do. Seriously.
    And then, we asked our teacher to explain the project a little, and she reads the rubric, and I was like ‘if I WANTED to read the rubric I could’ve done that well on my own thank you’ That’s such a waste of clss. Science has gone from my fave subject to my second least favourite, math still win’s that contest.
    I cannot wait until summer break.

    • To be honest, science was always my least favourite subject. Even though my math grade is worse than my science, I still prefer math. Science is completely useless in my opinion. It should be an elective instead of it being mandatory.

      Exactly, our teacher read the rubric to us too .. like it was supposed to help. What the hell.

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