Posted by: rainbowclovers | December 29, 2009

Nice is nice !

If someone is nice, does it matter what their sexual preference is?

Today, all my closest friends and I decided to go to an Asian mall called Pacific Mall. Two of my friends decided to bring along a friend they know from school. The rest of us didn’t know him, but we all knew he was supposedly “nice”. When people say nice, I thought … nice. Have you ever met someone just so kind ? Well, he’s actually one of the kindest people I have ever met. At first, it was a bit awkward, but it went well. Now, what you may not know is that this boy is bisexual. Actually, he told my friends that he’s “90% gay, and 10% straight”. I didn’t know you could divide your sexual preference into percentages, but okay. Anyways, at lunch, we all went to the food court.  Everyone was almost finished their lunch, but I still didn’t get my order yet. I was getting a bit impatient, and the guy said in an extremely girly voice, “Like .. oh my god, you should have totally gotten your food by now. You know what? I’m gonna go complain because that’s just RUDE!” In my head, I was thinking that he was so gay.

Then I realized it. Who cares? So what if he was? Personally, I was never homophobic, but none of my friends or classmates are, so I never got to meet someone who was. Anyways, I realized that he was one of the nicest people I have ever met. Sure, I only met him for a couple of hours, but he’s been so friendly to everyone and he’s offering to help me. So .. it makes you think, “If someone is nice, does it matter what their sexual preference is?”. Now I know. It doesn’t matter, because if they’re nice, and they’re always willing to be kind to everyone, why does it matter how they dress, or how they speak? Does it matter if they’re girlier than you? Personally, I don’t mind.

Anyways, we spent the rest of the day walking around the mall and just hanging out. Plus, like my other friend said, this guy was “convenient to have around”. He was like a map when we got lost around the mall, and he was always willing to help out. Nicest person ever? I think so.

Next, I reached an all new high for my amount of views. 60! Again, it’s not a lot compared to other bloggers out there, but I’m satisfied.

Daily MLIA:

1. Today, I changed my text message alert tone to a very polite British man who informs me that I am receiving a text message from someone. I feel like I have my very own butler, like Batman. MLIA

2. Today, Facebook was down. I figured I’d finally be able to concentrate on my school project. Instead I just rechecked facebook every two minutes to see if it was back up. MLIA

3. On Halloween I was in a haunted house with my friends. We were walking through and we saw a vampire. We stopped him and asked him why he didn’t look like Edward Cullen. He simply answered “because I’m a straight vampire.”

4. Today I realized my baby cousins name is Anedta (pronouced Aneeda) Dick. I will be having a talk with my uncle. MLIA

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