Posted by: rainbowclovers | January 6, 2010

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Monday: Mark updates. My science mark dropped but everything else went up like crazy. I was ecstatic.

Tuesday: I got back my business test with a 91 when I was expecting a 70. I was very happy.

Now, today wasn’t that bad. I finished a bit of my homework, and the day was alright in general. However, a friend of mine is hoping to drop out of the honours program. I know it’s none of my business if she wants to or not, but the thing is .. even with my high grade improvements in honours, I’m still not passing the expected mark. My program is basically enriched math, science, and technology. This semester I don’t have technology,  so .. maybe if my technology is high, I won’t get kicked out of this school? Basically, if I don’t meet a 75 average in this program, I have to go back to my home school. Plus, someone said only the top 25 students get to move on to the next grade. I’m not sure if that’s a true fact, it’s just .. I hope I’m given the chance to prove that I can do it.

I don’t wanna drop out of the program without giving it my all. It’s just .. the work got a lot harder this year, and I wasn’t properly prepared.

So, right now .. I’m praying the program director wants to keep me.

Daily MLIA:

1. After about 5 months of planning in my english class, today we got our english teacher angry. Then the class broke into song and danced with perfect choreography to the High School Musical song Stick to the Status Quo. Those 5 months of planning were well worth the wait. MLIA

2. Today, my 80-year old grandpa beat me in a push-up competition. He did 2. MLIA.

3. Today, I was looking at the course schedule for next semester, and I found that the Money and Banking professor’s name is Dr. Ka Cheng. Glad to see that he’s made the most out of the cards life has dealt him. MLIA

4. Today, in my biology class, we watched “The Magical Lives of Snails”. The mating scene was accompanied by opera music. MLIA

5. Today, instead of telling me how much he liked me, my boyfriend said that if I was a boy he would go gay for me. MLIA.


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