Posted by: rainbowclovers | January 12, 2010

Inactive ?

Sorry, I’ve been a bit inactive lately. Exams are coming around the corner, and I’ve been pushing myself to put my best effort into all my work and assignments. I’m hoping to get a clear understanding of all the topics and units we’re discussing lately. As per usual, I understand everything except math and science. This science unit seems pretty easy, but then again .. I said that about the last unit and my test score was quite hideous to look at.

Anyways, last week’s pop quiz was an epic failure. I got a 49.25. I was 0.75 marks from passing a pop quiz. Could my teacher not have rounded that number? Oh sigh. Don’t judge, I really don’t know what happened to my grades. Considering my past math grades, this year should have been only fairly challenging, but not to the point where I constantly fail quizzes and tests. It’s such a big hit on my ego.

Aside from that, there’s only two to three more weeks before second semester starts. I have pretty easy classes. Plus, I also have English next semester which is my best subject, so I’m hoping for it to be a breeze. It’d be a good way to end off my school year – with good grades.

For these past couple of days, my group has been working on our final math assignment. It’s worth 15% of our final grade, and we’re all striving to do our best. Even so, one girl in our group refuses to cooperate with us and keeps complaining about how the assignment we (my friend and I) is not as great as the one she did. Over the Winter Break, we had split up and weren’t able to meet up with each other. My friend and I did the assignment ourselves while she did another one. Our initial plan was to see which was better and hand that one in. However, when that other girl saw ours, she complained and made rude comments about how it wasn’t “right” because she had a “feeling” it wasn’t. Well, you know what? My feelings tell me I’m able to knock you out cold.

It’s been driving me insane the way she feels as if her project is superior to ours. Besides, it’s not like her assignment is any better. However, I will admit that we both have strengths the other may not have. While my friend and I’s assignment is more neat, simple, and straight to the point, we lack in colour and the bright presentation she showed us. Her assignment has more information, but at the same time, there’s a lot of useless detail that won’t be necessary to the assignment. Plus, even though she has colour and bright colour schemes, her presentation format is not as organized as ours. Now, we have to restart a new presentation with combinations from both sides. We’ll keep the presentation neat and organized while adding a bit more information and colour to it. Hopefully, it’ll work out. We’ve been giving up our lunch period to work on this, so hopefully the grades we see reflect our hard work.

Anyways, I’m off to go to school now.

Daily MLIA:

1. Yesterday a friend and I were playing Wii tennis. After 5 minutes of playing and sore arms, we realized we were actually watching a replay of the previous game. MLIA

2. Today, I went to the dentist. Half an hour before I went, I brushed my teeth really well. I felt like I was cramming for a test. MLIA

3. Today, I realized that my dog only stops barking when I say “Oh, shutup!” in a British accent. I always knew she was smart. MLIA

4. Today I was in Spanish class when my teacher said he likes hot dogs wrapped in bacon. My teacher is the head of my school’s vegetarian club. MLIA

5. Today I looked in the front of my math textbook to see if I knew anyone who’d used it before me. It said – Name: Michael Jackson, Issued: Black, Returned: White. That totally made my day. MLIA


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