Posted by: rainbowclovers | January 17, 2010

rainbowclovers, MIA !?

.. Well, it’s not like many people would care if I was MIA anyways. Haha. Anyways, I thought I’d do an update with a lot of junk I wanted to pour out.

School was been .. eh this week. There were three tests last week. I think I did okay, but the math test .. oh gosh. I hate myself for dropping my math mark right when I finally got it back up. From November until today, I’ve been working to get my grades up, and I did. I managed to bring my math grade up by 10 percent. Not a good mark, but it’s still something. Then, I failed the math quiz by 0.75 marks, and the test was probably as horrendous. The day after the test, we had a math presentation which was basically our final assignment of the year that was worth 15% of our final grade. I think we did alright. Hopefully, it’s good enough to get my grades back up. I have exams starting on Friday this week. First exam: math. I’m hoping I ace it as per usual when it comes to math mid-terms and exams.

Our school decided to make a site with lots of questions to help the students review for the exams. When I went to print out the review sheet, I happened to come across the Pascal Waterloo Math Contest Results from last year. I managed to place in the top ten last year. Plus, I beat a lot of people who are currently getting higher math grades than I am. At first, I was extremely happy with the results. Then I started thinking .. “What happened to me?”


Aside from all that school and exam junk, I’ve been reading another book by Sarah Dessen. It’s taking a bit longer than I expected since I’ve been busy with other things lately. It’s one of her shorter and earlier books. It’s called “Keeping the Moon”. It’s an “okay” book, but I would prefer her newer ones more. Keeping the Moon is not as interesting as I expected. I’m 90% done, so I’m hoping to finish the book after exams are done.


I also wanted to share a couple of videos with you guys that I’ve been watching again and again lately.

1. Thelma Aoyama ft. Taeyang – Fall In Love

2. Taeyang’s “Only Look at Me” Dance

Clicking the above video should probably lead you to my playlist on Youtube. Feel free to click around and look at the other stuff I’ve been checking out lately.


Daily MLIA:

1. Today, I forgot my homework. Remembering a previous MLIA I had read where someone’s friend ran to the other side of the room to hide from their teacher checking homework, I ran across the room when my teacher’s back was turned and leapt under a table. Two hours in the principal’s office and one phone call home later, I can tell you it didn’t work. MLIA

2. Today, I turned 18. Because my boyfriend is a couple months younger than me, i posted my facebook status as “is now officially a pedophile”. Fifteen people, including my boyfriend and his mom and my dad “liked” it. MLIA

3. Today, in my health class, our teacher was persuading us to use abstinence or at least have safe sex. “Guys, when it comes to sex, I really just want you all to use your heads,” The whole class burst out laughing and soon the teacher joined us. I’m glad our teacher is as immature as the rest of us. MLIA

4. I decided to look at the inside cover of my math book to see the previos owners. In order they were Jesus, harry potter, clark kent, ronald mcdonald, optimus prime, and mclovin. I signed as elmo.

5. Today, I realized for the first time that it takes longer to say “www” than it does to say “world wide web.” MLIA

Daily HatePost:

1. I hate how videos online have to have commercials before them. I’m sorry but I don’t want to watch commercials about shampoo before my music video loads.

2. I hate when Twilight fans spaz out about seeing a silver Volvo.

3. I hate when your teachers decide its ok for all of them to give 5 hour projects the week before finals.

4. I hate when someone gets mad at me for something, but they assume it’s okay when they do it.

5. I hate it when your hanging out with two people who have known each other forever, and there whole conversation consists of “Remember that time he?” “I know! And then!” “Yes! I remember that, how could you not?” “I know, I loved that.” Yes, I am in fact still standing next to you.



  1. Taeyang + Yamapi + Ryan Conferido = Danica’s dreamland =)
    Keeping the Moon is so small… how is it taking you so long xS agree with hate list number 2, 3, and 5.

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