Posted by: rainbowclovers | January 22, 2010


Math exam is finally over and done with. Too bad I have a feeling I didn’t even get a 70% on it. Why? The first question asked me to factor. I can’t factor for my life. That’s 6 marks gone right there. Then, around 5 questions after that, I was stuck. Not on one question, but the whole page. After that, I did another couple of questions and was once again, stuck. If all the questions I answered were right, I would get a 70% only. What if I made mistakes along the way though? Hmm .. 60s? Here I come.

Anyways, the point is .. I’ve been so frustrated with myself. I came home on the verge of knocking out a cow. Actually, with my anger, I could probably knock out a dinosaur. It’s beyond aggravating when you figure out the answer to something AFTER the exam. If I don’t get some godly marks in my other three subjects, I was personally hire professional ninjas to burn down the school. That, or all cows within the province better watch their backs.


  1. Math SUCKS – . –
    Aww x( don’t worry, you’ll do awesome on your other exams. I know it =)
    Poor cows o-o;

    • Tell me about it. At least you’re passing the standards.
      Thanks. Good luck on your exams too .. not like you’ll need it. Haha.

      Eh .. like you said, “Hell hath no anger like thou.”

      • ‘Hell hath no rath like [insert your name here] in a temper’~
        Study hard, and all will be fineeeee~
        And if all else fails, you can go have Ms. Lo as a teacher next year ;P

  2. .. Thanks a lot. Seriously.

  3. I’m taking my first math test in more than two years in two days and I’m scared to death, sort of. Factoring scares me as well. It’s by far what I do least well regarding math. And the most annoying thing is that I don’t even care that I suck at math. Math has no involvement in my future so I’m quite more than annoyed that I’m sort of forced to take it.

    I have a plan though. When the teacher hands me the test I’m immediately going to eat it. Yes, eat it. Sure I’ll get an F on the test, but the teacher is going to think I’m crazy, and therefore fear me, which will hopefully make her give me a C for the class.

    That doesn’t sound like a great plan. But then again I never said it was great. It’s just a plan.

    • Thanks for the view and comment.

      Two years? Oh gosh .. I’d be scared too. Factoring is so .. ergh.
      I agree with you on the fact that math has no involvement in my future. Too bad I’m actually in a math program. If I drop out of it, I’m forced to go back to my home school, which I don’t want to go to.

      & Haha. Crazy beats doing math, obviously. Oh well. Try? Hopefully you’ll ace with flying colours. Good luck!

      • Thanks for the luck. I will use it well. I’ll save it for the problems I need most help with. Unfortunately I’m afraid that’s going to be every problem. And there may not be enough luck in the world to get me through this test alive. If the test kills me you can have all my remaining luck.

      • Haha, good to hear you’ll use the luck well.
        Mhmm. I hear what you’re saying. I feel like that before every math test, but hey .. you never know. When it’s over, you can relax again.
        & Really? Haha, naww .. you won’t die, but thanks for the remaining luck if you do? XD;

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