Posted by: rainbowclovers | January 25, 2010


This post is .. pretty much irrelevant to the title. Unless .. you guys want to hear about me eating like a mad-woman these last two days. ANYWAYS ..

Math exam .. I screwed up. I’m slowly letting it go. I mean who cares if I had a good math mark last year? Who cares if the people who were crap in math last year are beating me in math? I mean .. who cares if some magical fairy probably sprinkled me with some “you-will-be-horrible-in-math” dust? Well clearly, I’m not over it. /cries self to sleep.

Anyways, tomorrow is my history exam. I’m praying I can keep my history mark at it’s 90 position .. or at least somewhere close to it. See? I’m good at things that don’t really matter as much to Asian parents.

On Wednesday, I have science exams. I’m raising my mark! If my science exam turns out to be crap, I’ll .. I’ll … I don’t know. Something devastating will happen. IT WILL! Then, I have my business exam on Thursday, which I’m also hoping I ace.

Exams are driving me to insanity. In fact, it’s parked me on the edge of the looney bin. Two days ago was the first time I felt my brain pulsing. Literally. Two days ago I was moping about my math exam and thinking I needed to boost up my grades. Now that I think of it .. maybe if my brain was pulsing before the math exam, it might have meant my math grade isn’t in jeopardy.

I just finished “Keeping the Moon” by Sarah Dessen a couple days ago. It’s an okay book for those who are thinking of taking it out. The ending was a bit predictable, but still okay overall. I picked up another book called “Hush, hush”. I’m on chapter three and so far .. I love it! Sadly, I think that’s the only good thing in my life right now.

Anyways, I’m off to study and .. probably get distracted. I hope everyone good luck on their exams!

Daily MLIA:

1. Last week we had a maths sub, so i thought i would speak in an Irish accent instead of my natural australian one.Today i found out she is our permanent teacher. MLIA

2. Today, I jokingly posted as my status on Facebook, “Can i get a napkin please?” because i spilt something in my room. Barely a minute later, my brother comes walking into the room with a napkin draped over his arm waiter-style and announces “Your napkin maam”. MLIA

3. Today, a girl I don’t like made her Facebook status “The vacuum cleaner and I had a fight. It won.” Someone else commented, “I thought you would have won. Seeing as you suck harder.” MLIA.

4. Today I met someone at school whos last name was Horney. After talking to her I found out that her mom’s maiden name was Quick. That would have been an amazing wedding to get invited to – the Quick and Horney Wedding. MLIA

5. Today at school I was voted “craziest hair”. I’m bald.MLIA

6. Today I realized that if I use abbreviations for my name the same way J.Lo does, my name would be L.Mo. Needless to say, this was the most exciting part of my day. MLIA

7. For the past 3 weeks, I have moved my Spanish teachers desk 1/2 an inch closer to the door every day. At this rate, he will be in the hall by Christmas. MLIA

8. Today, my girlfriend of 2 months texted me, asking what i was doing. I responded, “MLIA, you?” Her response? “Whats MLIA? molesting leprechauns in austria?” Needless to say, i am both deeply disappointed in her MLIA-less life, but also very proud of her inventive acronyms. MLIA

9. Today, I read an MLIA about how the lol symbol looks like someone drowning and it reminded me of when my mom was reading my instant messages behind my back and asked, “Why do you keep typing the absolute value of zero?” MLIA.

10. Today after struggling over a math problem for several minutes, I got 8/2 as my answer. Much to my dismay, when I checked the answer in the back of the book, I saw I was incorrect. After ten more minutes of attempting to find my error, I realized the answer in the back, 4, is the same as 8/2. I am in second year calculus. MLIA


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