Posted by: rainbowclovers | January 27, 2010


Title? In grade four, we were playing bingo in class. A friend of mine won bingo 5 times in a row. A classmate jumped out, slammed his palms onto the table, and screamed “MISS, I DEMAND A RECOUNT!” .. and now I feel the same way.

I just finished my science exam. I walked out of the classroom thinking “Oh gosh, that was okay. I think I did well.” Then everything came back. I left two questions blank (4 marks gone right there) when I could have at least answered one of them. Then, I made a lot of mistakes according to my classmates and friends. Now, I’m worried I might not even get a 70. Oh joy. I’m hoping my science teacher is extremely happy when she’s marking my exam. If she’s kind, maybe she’ll ignore my small mistakes and only take off part marks for anything I may have done incorrectly.

Why can’t life have a rewind button? Oh gosh, I wish I could re-do so many things. I wish my teachers could recount a lot of my grades. Maybe they made a mistake somewhere? Maybe ..

Anyways, I have my business exam to cram for for tomorrow. I’m worried, but not half as nervous as I was for math and science exams.


On another note, SNSD’s (Girl’s Generation) newest MV is out.


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