Posted by: rainbowclovers | January 28, 2010

Freedom, Community Hours, and Monopoly! ♥

Sweet freedom! I finished my last exam this morning. I think I did alright. I have more confidence on this exam than all of my other exams combined. It was fairly easy and I managed to finish in less than half the time provided. Hopefully I didn’t make as much stupid mistakes as I tend to make?

After the exam, I bussed home with my friend. We went to my old elementary school to ask if we could do some community hours there. They said yes, but we can only start on Monday. Hoping we could find another school to do community hours, we went to my friend’s elementary school. We had volunteered there before and were hoping we could do it again since the principal knows us and used to be quite friendly with us too. I guess people do change ..

The principal ended up being quite rude about the situation and said things like:
“Last time was a mistake. I shouldn’t have let you girls do your community hours here.”
“You need to give me days notice. You can’t expect to come here and just make everyone accommodate your needs.”

The thing is, last time we came to this school was the first time. We went straight to the main office and asked to do community hours. They turned us away, but we got a phone call 5 minutes later saying that they wanted us to work there. We were hoping it would be the same this time, but .. I guess we were wrong.

After we left, my friend’s brother and his friend arrived and went in to the main office to ask to do community hours as well. It turns out the principal’s reply to us would actually be considered friendly. My friend’s brother was turned away because he didn’t have some forms by the police and some other papers involving legal documents …

Anyways, my parent’s thought I’d be able to do my hours, so they left to go shopping. I ended up going to my friend’s place to chill. We played a good 2 to 3 hours of board games. 🙂

Daily MLIA:

1. Today I told my friend that it is impossible to lick your elbow. She stood up, dislocated her arm, and proceeded to lick her elbow, and then put her arm back in as if nothing had happened. Touche. MLIA

2. Today, I was in history class. My teacher, Mr.Gaylord, was talking about how people would have the same last name as their occupation. Blacksmiths had the last name Smith, for example. Then he said “I can only imagine what my ancestors, the Gaylords, did.” Newly founded respect for this teacher? I think so. MLIA

3. Today, while doing math, I realized the book gave me the equation F(u). See, even the book agrees that math is useless. MLIA

4. Today, my friend called me while I was in my bathroom doing my business. I was reluctant to answer- but answered anyways. In the midst of our conversation I heard her toilet flush. I have never felt so connected to a friend. MLIA

5. Today, I was editing the rough draft of a friend’s paper on suicide. The opening sentence: “Suicide is when someone commits suicide.” Oh, really? MLIA.

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