Posted by: rainbowclovers | February 3, 2010

Fresh Start

Today marked the end of semester one and the start of semester two. We got our final marks back. I improved in all my courses, so it only made sense that my average went up as well. My final average is now approximately 7 marks higher than it was first term. Sure, it’s not the best I can do considering my usual grades are high 80s, but considering my math mark .. I think I did alright.

We started our second semester classes. Each period was half an hour so we could just meet the teachers and our classmates and get settled in. I have English first period with a pretty cool teacher, so I’m hoping I do well in English. Biology is second period and I have most of my friends in that class, so I’m happy. Besides, things are always a bit more fun with Alicia. After lunch, I have a  technological design class. The teacher is nice, and I also have friends in this class as well. Last period’s class is fun except I have no friends, so it’s a bit lonely. However, other than that, I feel like I’m ready for semester two.

School ended about an hour earlier today, and my friend and I decided to go back to where we volunteered for the last two days. She had to hand in a poster she made for the Girl’s Club. I had to do one too, but my fat hands decided not to do it. Teehee.

So, ignoring my ugly finger, I wanted everyone to see the toy I got yesterday at McDonald. My friend and I went to McDonald yesterday to eat a happy meal to get this toy. I wanted to collect all the toys to have something to remember the 2010 Winter Olympics by when they’re over.


Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 Mascot, "Sumi"


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