Posted by: rainbowclovers | February 5, 2010


So, today was like any other day.

Today was .. different. I went to school, and walked up the stairs to my locker. I opened the door to the second floor and there was a smell that both Alicia and I noticed. It was the smell of gas. We ignored it, and continued on our way to my locker. As she walked me to class, a lady in the hallway started to scream at the students.

“Everyone, BE QUIET!” The vice principal was on the PA system and was announcing the “odd smell” on the second floor. Apparently, the smell couldn’t just be ignored. All classes on the second floor were to be moved into the cafeteria and the auditorium. Students in even numbered classrooms were moved in the cafeteria, and the students in odd-numbered classrooms were moved to the auditorium.

Being one of those second floor students, I was moved to the cafeteria for first period. I sat with two friends, Anna and another dude. We were basically talking during the whole period. Second period, all my classmates moved to the auditorium. All the guys were playing cards, while some people talked with friends, watched movies on their iPods, and other things. At lunch time, there was another announcement. Apparently, there was a gas leak on the second floor and everyone was to evacuate the school. Now, who isn’t happy to hear that?

We grabbed our things quickly from the second floor and went home.

I spent the afternoon at my cousin’s house watching Hannah Montana, then finishing up the poster I was supposed to do for my elementary school a couple days back. Anna and I last went to hand in the poster and help out for twenty minutes before we headed back home.


Anyways, I just finished cleaning up my room since my mom has been nagging at me for a couple months now. I found some of my old junk and other cool things. Here’s some pictures:

Clue jr.

Anyone remember this game?


iEnma by Kaze-Hime

You can find Kaze-Hime’s deviantart profile here.


Vic Mignogna signed my Tamaki Poster @ Anime North 2009


J-14 Magazine Posters (Feb. 2010 edition)

Wrist rest

Wrist Rest for Computer


My Current Mousepad


Teen Novels I Own


Last thought of the day:

Thank you to everyone who looked at my blog recently. I’ve been getting more views everyday. Yesterday was the highest amount of views I received since I started this blog. 119! Thanks!



  1. HOLY! 119! *emo* ahaha~
    oh gosh, princess of gossip… she should stick to singing and acting. That book had like two chapters that corresponded to the back of the book, and the rest was just… there o-o; and cracked up to be. Gosh. The book club at school is reading that book, and I was like, good luck with that~~ hehee… ahaha~ your poster. That was so dumb, that lady was like such a idiot… or bimbo. Your choice. I wanna go this year! (forgot to ask parents…) hehehe…..
    okay I’ll shut up now. *yay for gas leaks! hopes for no school tomorrow*

    • Haha, don’t worry. My views have been below 10 these days.
      + Agreed on the idea of Princess of Gossip. I liked the idea of it, I just didn’t like that it was so damn slow. Plus, I thought “Crack up to me” was alright. The ending was beyond stupid, but .. overall.

      Since when was there a book club? Is it interesting because if it is .. I wouldn’t mind joining it?

      & That poster is gorgeous. The guy who signed it is beyond cool. 8D

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