Posted by: rainbowclovers | February 7, 2010

Sunday Evening

This weekend was rather uneventful. I bought two new books, and .. gum. Since there’s no math class anymore, I don’t have to go to a tutor.

I’ve been trying to finish up City of Bones so I can start the next book of the series. There’s not much to blab about, so here’s some videos and MLIAs.

After watching that first video, I was so addicted to Taemin of SHINee. So, I started watching their MVs and stuff.

Sort of an old song, but they all look hotter and more mature here. Plus, it’s so addicting.

Watch this:


1. Today, I saw a group on Facebook called “If Voldemort Got Laid, None of this shit would have happened.” Needless to say I joined it. MLIA.

2. Today, I wondered how deaf people tell the difference between a yawn and a scream. MLIA.

3. Today, I found out that I’m having twins. My husband looked at me seriously and asked, “If they’re boys, we have to name them Fred and George. Please?” it didn’t take much for me to agree. MLIA.

4. Today, I looked both ways before crossing the hallway of my school. MLIA

5. Today, I was ordering pizza and asked for diet water. The man believed me. MLIA

6. Friday, my phone went off in front of my principal. My ringtone is “Can’t Touch This”, and he started dancing. Then gave me detention. MLIA

7. According to, there is one person in the United States named Albus Dumbledore. I need to find this person.

8. Today, I learned that there’s a newly discovered vision protein named Pikachurin- named after Pikachu. I have faith in todays scientists. MLIA

9. Today, my five-year-old cousin asked me what those “cool looking polka dots were on my forehead.” I now feel less self-conscious about my pimples. MLIA.

10. Today, I was trying to find the distance formula in my math book. Using my index, I found that it was on page 774. The book ends on page 760. I take it as a sign. MLIA.


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