Posted by: rainbowclovers | February 9, 2010

Course Selection

Yesterday we got our report cards.

Today, we have to plan our courses for next year. I already have four courses that I want to take, but I’m currently unsure about my position in the honours program. If given the chance to stay in the program, I would not hesitate to say say no. However, what if I don’t get the opportunity? If I was to stay in the honours program, I would only get to have 2 electives since the program chooses a couple for you. However, if I don’t get the chance to stay, I get to pick more courses that I enjoy taking/want to take. Now, I’m stuck in a hard position.

They can’t fully decide if I can stay in the honours program until they see my Technology and Biology grades. Unfortunately, I won’t know those grades until June, and course selection is in a couple of weeks. So .. I’m wondering to myself: Do I fill in honour courses or not?

Sigh. This time last year I was hoping to drop out of the honours program too. I didn’t. Big mistake, big mistake. Regrets. Seriously.

Anyways, other than that, today went by rather smoothly. 🙂

Daily MLIA:

1. Today, I realized that they do not make blue skittles, therefore you cannot “taste the rainbow”. I feel like my whole life has been a lie. MLIA
2. Today, I was really mad at my phone. Just before I was about to throw it at a wall, I received a text from an unknown number saying “please don’t :(” I think my phone is possessed. MLIA.
3. Today I texted my father to go look up the new T-Pain music video “Take your shirt off,” because it was filmed on my college’s campus. He texted me back “Stop watching youtube and study for finals, or it is you who will be taking your shirt off to make a living.” Really Dad? MLIA
4. Last night, I was singing ‘I wish I wish I was a fish.’ Then I realized it was 11:10 and quickly stopped singing. Just in case. MLIA
5. Today, I found out that my dad played the Jaws Theme Song in the delivery room when my mom was giving birth to me. I hope I’m that cool when I’m older. MLIA

Now, here’s a video I saved in my playlist around a year ago.

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