Posted by: rainbowclovers | February 20, 2010

Saturday Morning

I’ve been pretty much a bit less stressed since yesterday. Now that I’ve picked out all my courses, I can get teachers to sign them. The teachers basically sign “Recommended”, which means they think I have the ability to get a good grade in the following year, or they can sign “Not Recommended” .. which obviously means that they don’t recommended to me in that class next year.

So far, I’ve only gotten one signature (I haven’t been able to find the other teachers). My science teacher has approved of my grades and is allowing me to continue in the honours science part of the program. After this, my friend and I decided to go visit my math teacher. He was about to sign “Not Recommended”, but I told him about my situation. If we were to be kicked out of the honours program, we’d have to go back to our home school, which is a horrible school. Since my teacher wanted to keep us in the program, we had to ask the head of the math department about our current standings in the program. It turns out the list hasn’t been posted yet. However, as long as our grades are good this term, we will be able to stay. If not, my math teacher would have to write a recommendation letter which will persuade the principal to let us stay.

If you didn’t read all of that: I have a good chance of staying in the honours program.

Aside from all that, I have a ton of assignments and homework to do. Plus, there’s a pile of tests and quizzes that I have to cram for for Monday. It’s going to be a busy, busy weekend!

I don’t have much to say, so .. here’s a video and a couple MLIAs.

Daily MLIA:

1. Today, my dad sneezed from the other room. I heard him say, “Bless me. Thank me. You’re welcome, me.” I’m worried for his mental health. MLIA
2. I am a kindergarten teacher at a Catholic school. Today during class, we were talking about some of the stories in the Old Testament. I asked the class “who was the guy in the boat?” to which one of the kids blurted out “T-Pain?” I love my class. MLIA
3. Today my mom randomly asked my sister if she ever wanted to have kids. Her reply, “Na, I don’t wanna lay an egg.” My sister is 19. MLIA
4. Today, I realized that my full name starts with A and ends with Z. It only took me 22 years to realize this. MLIA.
5. Today on the train, me and my boyfriend overheard a group of preppy girls debate whether London was in Britan or England. It hurt my intelligence. MILA.
6. Today, my biology teacher told us that he too had an affair with Tiger Woods. MLIA.
7. Today, I read a very inspiring saying: “When life gives you lemons, keep them. Hey, I mean, free lemons, right?” MLIA
8. Today I sneezed so hard my head hit my keyboard. MLIA
9. Today I suddenly felt like getting some work done. I sat down on my beanbag until that feeling passed. MLIA
10. Today, I sat down and tried to put my seatbelt on. Then I realized I was in a restaurant. MLIA

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