Posted by: rainbowclovers | February 22, 2010

Organized Mess

I hate it when I’m unorganized, and my mom screams at me. Well, at least I’m not an organized person and STILL can’t find things. Basically, I’m unorganized but I can still find my things. My mom, on the other hand, neat-freak, can’t find her things.

My mom loves to keep my clothes on neat piles and puts them in separate drawers. However, when I ask her to find my black American Eagle t-shirt, she can’t find it. Now, I’m fuming since I love that t-shirt and I was hoping to match it with my new hoodie. Sigh.

Anyways, today was pretty boring. I came home and did homework. I finished my biology, and I should start on my technology assignment, but I’m a procrastinator, and I tend to not be able to do work until the night before. Oh well, I loose sleep but I get 90s on assignments, so it’s all good. I guess.

.. I would post a picture, but I really have no idea what to post. I’d take a picture of the snow outside but it’s dark, and all you’d see would be black.

So here’s a screenshot of my … screen.

This is not what you should be doing if you have homework. [/failure]

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