Posted by: rainbowclovers | March 8, 2010

Gossip Girl: The Hurt Locket

I have just finished the latest episode of Gossip Girl!

The last episode, “The Debarted”, left the show in a cliffhanger. Basically, this new episode, “The Hurt Locker”, was like a fresh start with new stories to follow.

Don’t read if you have not watched the episode.

In this new episode, Rufus has returned from his ski trip. He is having trouble deciding whether or not to go to Lily and discuss their problems. He has already found out about the letter that Lily had received from her ex-husband. Rufus, in the end, decides to confront Lily. He finds out that before the wedding, she had met with her ex-husband and they did share a kiss. However, they did not sleep together. Although it’s better than what he was expecting, Rufus was still not pleased that his wife did something behind his back. The scene ended with him knocking and entering a woman’s house.

For Dan and Vanessa, things have gotten worse. Vanessa has been avoiding Dan since their last confrontation where Dan told her he loved her. Situations became awkward, and in their final scene, we see Dan calling Vanessa. He told her that despite their current situation, he still needs a friend to talk to during this rough time for him.

Jenny and Damien got into an argument. Damien had a plan to sneak drugs into the ambassador’s daughter’s hands. Jenny came up with a clever idea to design a jacket that will hold the pills in little button-like containers. In the end, Damien took Serena to the ball and Jenny decided to get revenge. She planned on ruining his chances of giving the drugs away. However, the plan was working well until Jenny started to pity Damien and .. in the end, helped him deliver the pills.

For Serena and Nate, they decided to take their relationship to a new level. At first, their plan was to “take it slow”. However, the plan didn’t follow out and they ended up having sex. Afraid the relationship won’t work out if it was based on sexual activity, Nate decides to uninvite Serena to the ball to slow things down. Angry, Serena invites Damien to go with her. In a blur, Nate and Serena realize they couldn’t stay away from one another and ended up making out inside the closet. In the end, they decide that they should just go with the flow, and their first date has ended very successfully.

The best part ..

Chuck, very curious, finds the man who made the locket that the woman dropped at his father’s grave last episode. This man reveals that it could possibly be his mother. Unsure why his mother is still alive, Chuck and Blair go together to find her. However, the woman would not share information, and informs that she is not his mother. She states that she was one of his father’s girlfriends, and the ‘E’ on the locket represents her name, Elizabeth (not Chuck’s mom’s name). Disappointed, Chuck leaves while Blair speaks to “Elizabeth”. She tells her that Chuck is suffering a lot inside and any information will help. As she leaves, the woman pulls out her phone to call Chuck, but he doesn’t pick up. The final scene shows her opening her part of the locket which reveals her and her baby. This baby could be Chuck.

.. I’m done. Now, watch the latest video on communitychannel’s Youtube page. I’d link it, but Youtube is being a douche.

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