Posted by: rainbowclovers | March 12, 2010

Ripping off my Hair

So .. a lot of qualities piss me off about people. So, since I’m in a horrible mood today, I’ll be letting it all out.

“Yeah, I probably got 100 on that quiz.”
Okay, maybe it’s just me .. but I never get that feeling of getting 100 on my quizzes or tests. At my best, I feel like I got a 95. I know that because I hardly ever get 100s. Plus, even when I do get 100s, I always assumed I’ll get a mistake before I get my quiz/test back. It also bothers me when there is a unit test or an exam, and this person will say “Well, the least I can get is a 98.” Really? Okay, we’ll see ..

*cries* “Oh my gosh! I’m so stupid!”
Really? That 85% on your test was bad? I was honestly just glad I got good enough to meet the requirements of the Honours Program. This person will be sighing and whining the whole day because that grade will earn them a spanking from their parents. It’s either the spanking, or .. “Ugh, I thought I was going to get 100 though!” Please stop it. Please.

“I don’t know.” x100
Yes, you do. Yes you do have an opinion. Please stop saying you don’t know or don’t care. I asked you so I know what you want. Don’t tell me “Oh, I don’t care. You decide.” I’m asking you because I can’t decide. I want to know how you feel about this. Please speak your mind.

Hypocrites who complain about hypocrites
Honestly, let’s all just face it .. we’ve all been a hypocrite at least once in our lives. Denying it won’t cover the fact that you have contradicted what you said/done before. I find so annoying when someone calls me a hypocrite because I changed my mind on a fact or liking. However, this person is also a hypocrite at times. Oh .. I wasn’t aware that only you can be a hypocrite.

People who think they’re “the shit”.
Buddy, you’re not hot. You’re not the brightest .. you ain’t even close to perfect in any way. In fact, you’re a huge jerk who has a huge mouth. This person thinks they’re amazing in every aspect and feel that because they are so godly, they have the right to control the lives of everyone they come into contact with. Sweety, you’re not that great.

Denial gets you no where. Please stop insisting you are correct when you know yourself that you’re wrong. How about you face it and say something along the lines of “Oh .. right, haha! My bad!” You can just laugh it off and move on. Let’s not make a big fuss out of a situation where you were clearly in the wrong, and when you clearly have no solid point in your argument.

Hi, I’m a random outburst of dinosaur breath.
Dude, please chill. These people will be calm and funny, and .. BAM! They’re insane. They will scream, insult people, and make the situation 10x worse than it needs to be. Personally, I think the phrase, “Take a chill pill.”, was created for them. Honestly, stop spazzing. How about you .. stop, and think before you scream? It’ll save me money for hearing aids.

“Hi, remember me? I was your friend before you were dating.”
Sorry, I got that line from a Facebook fan page. I have gone through that situation quite a few times. I hate people who can not balance a life with friends and a life with their boy/girlfriends. Is it really that complicated? I’m sorry .. I forgot your oxygen comes from your partner’s mouth. Please do continue talking about how lovely they are and forget I exist. See you in hell.

Stop whining and being a tease!
You know what I don’t understand? Those girls who whine, slap in a girly fashion, and complain about the stupidest things …. and guys fall for it. This person will be easily angered by something the guy says. Then she will slap them, and pretend to be angry. The guy will then go “Aww .. please don’t be angry with me!” She will then smile but still ignore the guy’s efforts to communicate. I’m sorry, that’s cute …. how ?

No, you’re not kidding. Saying you are doesn’t actually mean you are. I am aware. Thanks for informing me that I am not appealing to you. I wouldn’t think you’re mute if you didn’t talk. Good day.

“Oh .. did I hurt your feelings? My bad. Sorry.”
No, you’re not sorry. If you were, this would not be the 92nd time I heard that line. Plus, by the way, you tell me you won’t be hurt if I told you that a squirrel’s testicles probably looks better than your face.

.. I have a lot more. Yes, I have done at least two of the things I listed, but hey .. I admit it. I’m not going to be a hypocrite about being a hypocrite.

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