Posted by: rainbowclovers | March 15, 2010

Gossip Girl: The Lady Vanished

Yaaaay ~
There was a new episode of Gossip Girl today! I completely forgot about it until 20 minutes in. However, I have the gist of the whole episode.

Basically, Jenny and Damien were caught with each other in the morning, and Rufus was extremely disappointed in Jenny believing that they had probably slept together. In a fury, he decides to send Jenny back to Brooklyn. While packing her bags, Jenny and Damien get in an argument. To prove that she wasn’t just a high school girl, Jenny drops Damien’s packs of drugs. When Rufus sees this, he begins to lecture Jenny. Damien then tells a lie to cover for her. However, despite that the worst was over, Rufus still wants Jenny to leave the Upper East Side. The episode ends with Jenny leaving home and meeting with Damien.

For Rufus and Lily, things are getting worse. Rufus is now deciding to move back into his apartment for some time apart from Lily. At the end, Lily’s doorman informs Lily that Rufus’ scarf was found in another lady’s house.

Missing the first twenty minutes of the episode did not help in the case of understanding Chuck’s situation. Here’s what happened:

Serena helped appoint a meeting allowing for Chuck and his mother to talk. However, Chuck decides to give his mother a “test”. He wrote her a check for a large sum of money telling her that she should take the money and never come back. She did. Disappointed, Chuck runs off with Blair following after him. Meanwhile, Serena decides to meet with Chuck’s mother. She explained that no child would ever want to not meet their parents. Hearing this, Chuck’s mother decides to meet her son. She returns the check declaring that she wants to know her son and that no amount of money will keep her away. In the end, Chuck and his mom are seen at a bar chatting about their years.

We then find out that Serena did this for Chuck because she wants to know why her father won’t meet her from a parent’s point of view. She confides in Nate, and ends up calling her father letting him know that she will no longer look for him.

Lastly, Dan and Vanessa kiss and slept together deciding that they will start their new relationship together.

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