Posted by: rainbowclovers | March 19, 2010

The Bounty Hunter

I just came home after watching “The Bounty Hunter” with my friends. Hmm .. I give it a 7/10.

Why? Well .. when the movie started, I started at the screen for a good twenty minutes thinking to myself, “Oh god, my friends are gonna hate me for choosing this movie. It’s moving so slow .. and I haven’t found it that interesting yet.” The lines in the beginning were also predictable and led no where. I could say Milo and Nicole’s next lines before they said it themselves.

However, about half an hour in, when things started to pick up, I started to really enjoy the movie.


1. Gerard Butler. Short sleeves. I sound kinda disgusting saying that considering he’s 40 years old. That’s more than double my age. However, who doesn’t love an older good-lookin’ man who has a Scottish accent? I know I would not turn that down (if I was older). Throughout the movie, whenever he was talking, this is what’s running through my head: “Oh god, that’s a cool and sexy accent. Speak more words!” .. Before I sound too creepy, I’m gonna move on.

2. Jennifer Aniston. Okay .. so maybe she’s been doing a bit too much movies lately, and maybe she’s slowly aging. BUT .. you know what? She’s one of my favourite actresses. I’m a big fan of the show “Friends”, and I’m a big fan of hers too. She may have had a pretty dull character in this movie, but it’s .. normal. You get so used to her characters (not a bad thing), you can easily slip into your seat and just enjoy the movie.

3. The Lines. Although, like I mentioned before, the lines were predictable in the beginning, they were better later on. Some memorable quotes were:

– Jennifer Aniston
b) “Hey, remember when we used to be in love?”
“Which means I know when you’re cryin’ for real, and when you’re FAKING IT! Hahahahaaa!”
– Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston
c) “Where are you going?”
“Just stay here.”
“Where are you going !?”
“Just stay here. Baby, I’ll be back.”
– Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler
d) “Don’t worry, he’s a good cop.” (bleeding from a gunshot)
“Yeah, so are you .. and look what happened to you.”
“… Good point.”
– Dorian Missick & Jennifer Aniston

4. The action scenes. Okay, I’ll admit .. those action scenes were probably no where near as great as ones in those action films (the one without any romance). However, anything drama/TV show/movie that involves any guns, chasing scenes, and action .. I’ll love it.

However, you guys won’t be able to know until you watch it. Recommended for people who like Gerard and Jennifer, and enjoy some romantic-comedy with action. *does happy dance*

Anyways, new communitychannel video:


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