Posted by: rainbowclovers | March 23, 2010


Last night, I studied for my test. Well .. attempted to study. My test today was okay. It was definitely not hard if I had actually studied well last night. So much for that, right? Oh well. In general, I wouldn’t say I did amazing, but it was decent (hopefully).

Classes have been extremely uneventful the past two days. English class was spent watching Lord of the Flies (British version/black and white version). Today, we wrote an obituary for Piggy as well. Yeah .. SO MUCH fun. Plus, I’m in a group where I don’t know much people except for one guy.

We’re starting a new unit in Biology. I believe it’s Genetics. So far so boring. I’m trying to keep myself awake just typing this.

Technological Design class is .. ergh. We have a new assignment which is extremely stupid. I’ve done nothing in this class for two days since I finished my bandsaw box earlier than the rest of the class. Tomorrow, we’ll be starting our bandsaw box report, which I will probably have difficulty on since I can not use the program for my life.

Careers class is a bore. I finished my culminating assignment during the March Break leaving me with nothing to do in class except to go on Facebook. Ah, the joyous times.

I finished all my homework (minus the assignments), and I will be watching the TVB Drama called “D.I.E. Again” tonight. I absolutely love the show, since it involves solving crimes [/big fan of police shows].

Anyways, since I was attempting to study last night, I didn’t get to watch Gossip Girl. Eh .. maybe later.

I just want to sit in front of the TV tonight with my mommy plz.

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