Posted by: rainbowclovers | April 18, 2010

Slowly Drowning

I’ve been starting so much crap, but finishing none of them. I hafta learn to catch up or prioritize. That, or I should probably get my ass of Youtube. Since this weekend started, my bottom has been glued to my computer seat. If I haven’t burned through 50 videos on Youtube per day, then it must have been at least 45. In fact, I’ve been watching so much junk, my “Recommended for You” list is now filled with random videos that I would never watch. There was one video of a middle-aged Filipino man giving flirty looks. I think there was also “Two girl, One cup reactions” videos. Since when did I search up anything related to “two girls, one cup” ?!

On the note of videos, I’ve taken a pause the drama I was watching. I’m on episode 7 of Hi, My Sweetheart, but I guess I’ll continue that later on. I’ve started Soukon, and I’ve stopped at episode 5. Now, I’m watching Kimi ni Todoke. Currently on episode 8, and I hope I can finish soon.

For books, I now have City of Ashes and Zombie Blondes. Did I mention that the cover of Zombie Blondes is not a cover you want to leave on your desk at night? It’s creepy.

Aside from that, I told myself I was going to finish my Biology homework before Sunday. I still have 60% of it left to do. Sigh.



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