Posted by: rainbowclovers | May 19, 2010

University of Toronto

Tomorrow, my biology class is going to the University of Toronto for Physiology day. Anyways, this week has been absolute piss. Oh well, things are starting to look up, so I’m pleased.

Check out these two new videos which are amazing:

David Choi is amazing. Personally, I don’t find him to be very attractive, but he is pretty cute when he smiles. Plus, his voice is absolute win.

Normally, I don’t love G-Dragon, but his solo in the beginning of the song was so addicting. Plus, he looks so cool in this. T.O.P looked weird, but his rap was cool. 🙂



  1. Whoa. David Choi definitely has an amazing voice. He seems kind of emotionally detached from the song, like he’s not really singing it, but I think that’s just because I was totally not expecting an American voice coming out of his mouth. He has no accent!!

    I love Don’t Tell Me Goodbye. Based off the translation of G-Dragon’s “Look only at me (Part 2)” I’ve had him mentally labeled as a total jerk who can sing. T.O.P. reminds me of Lee Hongki in a way.

    • Yeah he does. I haven’t listened to his songs for a long time, but he definitely has a nice voice. Emotionally detached? I don’t know .. haha. Well, he always has that kind of expression his face. Soo ..

      Really? I personally don’t LOVE the song, but I absolutely adore GD’s rap in the beginning. It’s so catchy. “Look only at me (Part2)” ? I don’t think I’ve seen that. Aw, really? I never really saw him as a jerk. AND .. who’s Lee Hongki? LOL

  2. Well, the lyrics rubbed me the wrong way. It was mostly “I can cheat on you, but don’t even think about cheating on me” and one of the lines was “Even if my lips brush another girls’. . .” That made me want to reach into the computer and slap him lol.

    WHAT???!!! That’s it. The minute school’s over, I DEMAND (with all due politeness) that you go watch the Korean drama You’re Beautiful. It’s so funny! Some people dismiss it as a “cliche idol drama” but the point is that they set up these perfectly cliche situations, and then make something totally unexpected happen. It’s like the show lives to make fun of pop culture in the most amazingly hilariously adorable way!! (You can tell this is my current to-be-obsessed-over drama).

    Well, to answer your question in less than 16 episodes, Lee Hongki is this Korean singer. I don’t think he’s that good, but he was an adorable actor in You’re Beautiful (he plays Jeremy).

    • I know what you’re saying, but there was a “Part 2” to that song? o_o

      LOL! I hopefully will get to it. I think I was going to watch that drama before, but then I got distracted and stopped. I just started continuing with “Hi My Sweetheart” last night. I’m on episode 8 now. Haha.

      I see. It sounds interesting, I’ll probably watch it. 🙂
      Any other dramas you’d like to recommend?

  3. Haha. I’ve been so busy, I’m still on episode 3 of HMS (mainly coz I’m working on the recapping now).

    Hmm, let’s see. . . if you like Taiwanese, I would suggest Why Why Love and Smiling Pasta for sure, and Devil Beside You if you like romance (or Mike He, lol).

    For Korean, definitely You’re Beautiful, and maybe Soulmate. I personally liked it a lot, but there are some unusual things they do with it that might confuse some people. Plus, it was supposed to have a second season so the ending is a tiny bit cliff-hangery. at first i was like “oh, hell no you didn’t!!!” but I got over it 🙂
    Oh, and Coffee Prince is amazing. just plain amazing.

    Haha. that should keep you going for a while 🙂

    • and I have a bunch of reviews on my blog, too, if you want to check those out.

    • Ah, I see. I’ll be starting on 13 when I watch. There’s lots of work lately, so I won’t be watching as much.

      Taiwanese dramas .. they usually bore me. Haha. I find that their story drags on too much. I already watched Smiling Pasta and Devil Beside You. Smiling Pasta is my favourite Taiwanese drama.

      I have never watched any Korean dramas before. I’ll probably watch Coffee Prince since everyone tells me it’s good. 🙂

  4. Really? I used to love Taiwanese ones and thought Korean ones were a bit too melodramatic. I mean, after a stressful week what you really need is some goofy stuff. But every once in a while I get on this Korean watching spree. Because honestly, Korean dramas are so much better cinematically–and much more realistic.

    What a coincidence, Smiling Pasta’s my favorite too! It’s the only drama I’ve been able to watch till the end 3 times. So cute!!!

    Korean ones are really good. Like I said, they tend to be more realistic in the story line and the characters are usually more relatable. Of course, it depends on what you watch. I would start with You’re Beautiful or Goong. Goong was my first drama and I think honestly, it was super enjoyable the first time, but if I’d seen any really good dramas before it, I wouldn’t have liked it as much.

    • wait, if you find Taiwanese ones draggy and have never watched any Korean ones, what do you watch?

      Oh, and Coffee Prince is really good, btw.

    • I never watched a Korean drama, so I wouldn’t know if it’s better “cinematically” or more realistic. I still want to finish “Hi, My Sweetheart” before anything though. Plus, since exams are coming, I won’t be finishing anytime soon.

      I mostly watch Hong Kong or Japanese dramas. I think they’re more interesting and fast-paced. 🙂

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