Posted by: rainbowclovers | May 27, 2010


.. no, not really.

However, I do feel like I’m about to melt every time I’m stuck in class or walking on my way back home. Don’t get me wrong, I think summer’s alright. However, without the air conditioning, I feel like I should just live in a desert. I mean, the heat’s bad enough, but then I have to walk home. /cries

Anyways, today we voted for our Student Activity Council representatives at our school. I did my job. I voted. I WILL admit, I was pretty biased for one or two people who ran for different parts of the council. For example, there’s this girl I highly despise. For that reason, I did not vote for her friend. Yes, I know it’s probably rude. However, even if I was friends with this girl, I probably still wouldn’t have voted for her friend. Why? I hate being told who to vote for. Everyone is out there saying “Hey! That’s my friend, please vote for them!”. I understand they’re trying to get votes, but I never vote for someone who I don’t feel is responsible, funny, and friendly. Besides, there was this girl who was running for student council president. During her speech, she said “The other candidates are nice and all. However, they don’t have experience like I do. I mean .. what are they even doing here?” Bitch move. /rolls eyes

Anyways, I’m off to do homework. I leave you with this site.



  1. Waaah. I’m drooling now. How about this site?
    I love their motto: “Click. Drool. Repeat.”

    • and I think the worst part is, foodporndaily doesn’t give you recipes. So you’ll see this amazing cake or something and say “That’s what I’m making tonight!!!” Then you realize a recipe doesn’t exist. . . TT.TT

    • OH. MY. GOSH.
      My mouth is watering so much right now. LOL!

      Thanks for the site! 🙂

      + I know, right? It’s just this giant picture. It’s mocking me. >>;

      Sorry for late reply. I’ve been busy.

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