Posted by: rainbowclovers | July 12, 2010

Finishing it off !

Since the summer began, I’ve been finishing things off. I started and finished “Lock and Key” by Sarah Dessen. Also, I finally finished “Hi, My Sweetheart.” That drama is lucky so have good looking actors and actresses because the show itself made me want to jump off a cliff.

Don’t get me wrong though. The drama had it’s great parts. I love hearing the hilarious things that are written into the script. Plus, since most of the hilarious lines come from Show, it’s even better. Also, who doesn’t love to look at his face … once he dropped his “shame of society, ugly, mushroom head” hair? However, by the end of the drama, the plot got extremely cliche. He lost his memory? Oh dear lord. Then … he forgets about his ex-lover and runs away to an ugly girl? Kill me. Then … he’s kidnapped and almost killed. BUT WAIT! It gets more annoying. He gets smashed on the head 3 times and suddenly he remembers everything he forgot from the concussion he got in a fire. However, in hopes of protecting Bao Chu (Rainie Yang), he pretends he forgot about her. It’s alright though. They get married.

Anyways, fans of this drama are probably finding their pitchforks by now. After watching Romantic Princess (another Taiwanese drama) a couple of years ago, I told myself to stop watching Taiwanese dramas. Why? The plot is predictable and boring. Plus, the dialogue and show moves extremely slow, constantly repeating itself again and again and again. However, after the Romantic Princess incident, I went on to another mistake. Which? Bull Fighting. I wanted to slit my wrist after watching the first 2 episodes. My favourite Taiwanese drama to this day will still be “Smiling Pasta”. Sure, the actor isn’t hot shit, but hey … the show itself was cute and totally worth the time. -ends rant-

However, while I’m still on the topic of Taiwanese dramas ….
While I didn’t love “Hi, My Sweetheart”, the insert songs were catchy and great. Find them and download them A.S.A.P ! 🙂

I recently bought another book by Sarah Dessen called “Along for the Ride.” It’s … okay. Personally, I find Auden (main female character) to be extremely boring. However, Auden realizes this and announces it at least 20 times in the book. Eli … isn’t my cup of tea. He seems like a great guy but whenever an author describes a guy as having long-ish hair, I want to shut the book. Of all the Sarah Dessen books I read, I still like Dexter from “This Lullaby” the most. I hope to get another book sometime this week or the next with the birthday gift card a friend game me.

Another thing … THE WORLD CUP!

I’ve been a complete soccer fan recently. I started watching around the end of Fifa 2010. The first game I seriously watched was between Uruguay and Ghana. When I watched that match, I was absolutely stunned by Diego Forlan and Fernando Muslera. Diego Forlan, for obvious reason (he’s an amazing player!). Fernando Muserla … because I thought he was good looking. [/loser]

Anyways, there were other players I adored as well.

1. Arjen Robben (Netherlands)
2. Miroslav Klose (Germany)

Unfortunately, Spain won the finals yesterday. I was rooting for the Netherlands! Oh well, they both put up a great game and they both deserved the title.

Anyways, with all these things coming to an end, I hope to finish more books this summer and the drama I started today. BUZZER BEAT! It stars Yamashita Tomohisa! -love-


  1. Did you finish the mortal instruments series yet Dx ????

    • Haha, no.
      I’ll get to it this summer. I know I will.

  2. you’re my hero! i’m a huge Dessen fan and i love that book!!! i just finished hi my sweetheart and i’m watching the bloopers right now haha. :DDD

    • Sarah Dessen is amazing, right? There’s not one book from her that I really disliked. All of them are so well written.

      & Oh gosh, I didn’t have time to watch the bloopers. I watched around 10 minutes and I had to leave. Lol! It seems like everyone had a great time behind the scenes though.

      • lol, yes the bloopers are quite funny. XD you also learn a lot about how they filmed certain parts. it’s interesting. and ikr, i love all dessen novels. i’ve read most all of them and i love all of them, though i do believe she has improved with each new one.

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